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Should Lewisville Homeowners Be Worried About Scorpions?

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With the return of spring comes the return of many pests to the Lewisville area. While it’s common to see mosquitoes and stinging insects this time of year, you may be wondering if you should be worried about scorpions.

Scorpion Life Cycles

Scorpions typically mate in early spring and fall, so this is certainly a time of year when you may start to see them moving around. However, scorpions tend to be nocturnal, which often leaves you unaware of their presence, even if they’ve invaded your property or home.

Gestation can take anywhere from a few months to a year after scorpions mate, which means scorpion populations often increase in the summer months. The summer is also one of the main times of year when scorpions will get into homes. If the weather is especially hot and dry outside, they’ll look for shelter from the heat and a more moist environment, which can often be found inside Lewisville homes.

Why You Don’t Want Scorpions in Your Lewisville Home

No one wants pests of any sort in their home, but it’s especially important to keep out the pests that have the ability to sting. While most people only have mild reactions to a scorpion sting, if you’re allergic to their venom, the results can be much more severe.

Scorpions are resilient creatures, which is another reason you don’t want them getting inside. They can often survive DIY attempts to remove them, leaving your home vulnerable to a much larger infestation over time.

How Scorpions Get Into Your Lewisville Home

Like most pests, scorpions need only a small hole in order to get inside your home. Cracks in your foundation, holes in your siding, and gaps around your windows or doors are all entry points for scorpions. They also like having areas in which to hide, so if your yard is cluttered with debris or you let your grass get long, they’ll find it much easier to get to your house undetected.

What to Do About a Scorpion Infestation

If you find scorpions in your home or on your property, it’s best to call the professionals at Adams Exterminating Company to take care of them. We have the expertise and equipment to properly and completely take care of your scorpion problem as our technicians are specially trained to deal with the pests that are common in the Lewisville area. Texas Scorpion species can be found here.

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