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How Spiders Get Into North Texas Homes In Fall

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Black Widow Spider spinning its web.

How many times does it take walking face-first through a spider web to wish that spiders never existed? Once, right? Despite wishing they were gone, one truth remains. We need spiders. Well, at least the environment does. Spiders are crucial in keeping insect populations in balance. However, they are not crucial in our homes. No one needs spiders in their home, making webs and possibly threatening the health of our loved ones. This is what makes understanding how they get in and the problems they cause so important.

How Spiders Get in

Here in Lewisville, it is not an uncommon occurrence to find a spider or two inside our homes. The question is, how did they get in? Often times, spiders will crawl right in, in the most obvious of ways, through open doors and windows. Other times spiders will use more undercover methods such as through the cracks and holes around our foundation or through tears and holes in our screens. They will even sneak in around pipes and electrical wire conduits. Finding these gaps and cracks around your home and sealing them with a caulking gun can go a long way to keep unwanted creepy crawlers out of your home. Another great way to exclude spiders is by making sure your screens are hole/tear free and that all of your exterior doors have door sweeps.

Spiders to Look Out For

When it comes to spiders invading our homes, generally there is nothing to fear but an occasional web in the face. However, this doesn’t mean we should play or interact with any spider we come in contact with. Some spiders are extremely poisonous and should be avoided at all cost. These include the black widow and the brown recluse spider, both very venomous, and a detriment to the health of anyone they bite. If you see a small deep black spider with a distinct red hourglass shape on its back or a brown to yellowish brown spider with a violin-shaped mark on its abdomen, be safe, and call a professional.

Call a Professional

If your Lewisville home is under spider seige, or you just flat out don’t want to take the chance of spiders showing up, get the professionals here at Adams Exterminating involved. Our year-round pest service doesn’t only keep spiders out, but also all sorts of other unwanted pests which pose a variety of threats. Don’t risk your health or comfort with spiders, give Adams a call today to find out how our year-round plan is perfect for you.

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