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Wolf Spider Prevention Tips

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There are over 125 species of wolf spiders in the United States. They range from 1/4 of an inch to 2 inches in length. The wolf spider you're likely to see in your home will be brown and tan, hairy, and have two dark stripes on its tan back. The good news is wolf spiders are not going to create those annoying webs all over your house. The bad news is that wolf spiders are fast-moving ground hunters that are quite mobile when they get inside. So, it is best to not allow these spiders to get inside in the first place. Here are some tips that should help you get some control on these unwelcome invaders.

Lawn Clutter

Wolf spiders can be deterred by changing the environment in your yard. Like all spiders, lawn clutter will be an attractant. Wolf spiders use items in a yard as places to hide from predators. They also know that the bugs they eat use these places as well. If you have toys, wood piles, construction material, old tires, stacks of stored goods, consider moving them at least 20 feet from your exterior walls.


Many of the bugs wolf spiders eat are moisture pests. These will be found in locations where water soaks into the ground for long periods of time. Often, these areas are also shaded. Shade helps to prevent the sun from drying things out. Wolf spiders will hunt in these places and enjoy a drink from any puddles they find. Prevention of moisture and humidity can help to resist wolf spiders and moisture pests.

Seal Things Up

If wolf spiders can get in, they will. It is important to do a close inspection of your exterior walls and foundation to identify and fill any entry points you find. Look closely around pipes, electrical wire conduit, windows, and doors. If you find damage you're not able to fix properly, use a caulking gun to temporarily stop the entry of bugs.

When bugs come near your home, they inevitably find a way in. For complete exclusion, it is best to get year-round service from a professional. Wolf spiders may look scary, but they're actually one of the least dangerous pests that can get into your home. Ongoing pest control will address a wide range of creatures that cause illness, destroy wood, damage belongings, bite, and sting. If you're in our Texas service area, we would love the opportunity to tell you about our Perimeter, Home Guardian and Home Guardian + service plans.

No home is cozy  with fast-moving, ground hunting spiders around. Get your protection in place today.   

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