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5 Mistakes We Make That Attract Flies To Our Kitchens

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Most people don’t realize that flies do something very similar to vomiting when they eat! Since flies can't chew, they spit-up enzymes onto their food to dissolve it so they can drink it; and it's what they do when landing on food meant for human consumption.

Sadly, that’s not the only disgusting problem associated with flies. They may have landed on feces before landing on your food, and can then transfer serious, contagious diseases to humans such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.  

What is Bringing These Disgusting Pests to Frisco Kitchens?

Warmer weather means barbecues and family picnics, fresh fruits and vegetables, and more time spent outdoors. The warm weather also brings flies, attracted to garbage, rotting produce, animal manure, and rotting plant debris. They like to lay their eggs in or near their food sources, and they come inside your home to find these resources.

There are two types of indoor flies.

Small indoor flies:

  • Drain flies – tend to breed in drains. They carry bacteria which can potentially make you sick. They feed on decaying food or other organic matter.
  • Fruit flies – the name says it all. They are attracted to ripened fruits and vegetables.
  • Fungus gnats – are often mistaken for fruit flies but are smaller.
  • Phorid flies – researchers released this South American fly species in Texas to study their effect on ant populations. Phorid flies also breed on decaying organic matter and are capable of transferring bacteria from surface to surface which can be a health concern. They are often found in clogged drains or broken sewer lines. They, too, are often mistaken for fruit flies.

Large indoor flies:

  • Carrion flies – lay their eggs in decaying flesh.
  • House flies – lay eggs in warm, moist material that will become food for the larvae. The female may lay as many as five or six batches of eggs (75-100 eggs per batch.) Their eggs generally hatch in 12-24 hours in warm weather.
  • Soldier flies – a few species are found in feces or decaying fruit and produce, or under the bark of rotting wood.

How Can I Deter Flies?

  • Do not leave food out; otherwise, be sure to keep it covered.
  • Use or discard over-ripe fruit and vegetables.
  • Keep breeding areas clean: cracks, crevices, trash areas, around and under appliances, kitchen and bathroom drains, etc
  • Clean out litter boxes and other areas where there may be animal feces
  • Discard dead or rotting plants so that they won’t attract flies.
  • Implement effective pest control measures.

Your best option to deter flies and keep them away for good is to call Adams Exterminating Company. Our experienced pest control technicians are experts at eradicating the pests that bug you. We offer three different plans to fit your budget and meet your pest control needs. We also provide commercial pest control services to keep your business protected. So, don’t be bugged by flies, give us a call today.

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