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Wasp Prevention Tips Every Frisco Homeowner Should Know

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Wasp exploring a floating pool noodle on a sunny day.

It's a steamy summer day in Frisco, and you head out to the pool to cool off. However, you notice a few wasps flying around, and they make you uncomfortable, so you go back inside.

Unfortunately, in Texas, this is a common scenario for some homeowners as the summer progresses. Wasps and other stinging insects are often attracted to swimming pools and other sources of water; perhaps they are looking for water to drink, or maybe there's a source of food located near the pool. Did your kids leave an open soda can out there?

By late summer, wasps are busy fattening up the queen, who will overwinter before starting the colony anew next spring. Wasps are attracted to any foods that have a high sugar content - anything from a soft drink to a piece of fruit.

As this process of feeding the queen progresses, wasps can get more aggressive. They focus on the work required to perpetuate their species, and may become aggressive toward anything they see as a threat. If you accidentally encounter these wasps, they may see you as a menace and decide to attack. Wasps stings are, at the very least, uncomfortable. If you happen to be allergic to a wasp sting, the consequences can be much worse!

Keep wasps out of your home!

The best way to keep wasps out of your home and property is to make the area as uninviting to them as possible. Since wasps start making their nest as the weather warms, it’s best to take these precautions early - before the colony gets active!

Because these insects want to live near an easy source of food, the best way to deter them from your Frisco property is to make sure food and water sources are made unavailable. You can take these steps:

  • Keep your trash cans tightly lidded so wasps won't be able to detect them as a source of food.
  • Eliminate any water in your yard. Fix leaky outdoor faucets and empty saucers under potted plants and other containers that hold rainwater.
  • Limit the flowering plants that are present.
  • Move or get rid of wood piles near the home.
  • Trim trees and shrubs that are close to the house.

Pay attention to signs of nest building; areas favored by wasps include stone walls, the eaves of your house, stacked firewood, tree stumps, and shrubbery.

Be cautious if you find a nest, especially this late in the season, because it's likely full of wasps who are entering their aggressive stage.

If you do discover a wasp nest, or notice a lot of wasps flying around your pool or property, it's smart to call in the Frisco pest control professionals. Adams Exterminating Company's trained technicians will use eco-friendly products to remove the wasp nests without harming the beneficial bees that Frisco gardeners count on.

Whether you need a one-time wasp treatment or you want year-round help dealing with a range of household pests, Adams has an option that's right for you. Contact Adams Exterminating Company today!

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