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Fall Pest Prevention Tips Every McKinney Homeowner Should Know

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While McKinney, Texas, isn't known for having extremely cold weather during the fall and winter, both seasons bring cooler temperatures to our region. The colder weather often drives insects, rodents, and other pests into our structures while looking for warm shelter and easy access to food. The best way to protect your McKinney home from fall pests is to take the time to learn about our area's biggest pest threats and how to keep those pests out of your home.

What Are The Biggest Fall Pest Threats In McKinney?

Learning what pests are most likely to turn your McKinney home into their fall retreat is important so you can take the steps necessary to keep them out. 

Fleas and ticks often find their way into our homes during the fall season. People in our area are more active outside at this time of year because the cooler fall weather provides relief from our hot summers. Fleas and ticks are also very active in the fall. It is quite common to come into contact with fleas and ticks while hiking, at an athletic field, or even at the local pumpkin patch. Then when you return home, you unintentionally introduce them into your home. These parasitic pests also regularly move into our homes on the backs of another common fall pest — rodents!

Pantry pests are another regular visitor to our Texas homes in the fall. They typically get inside in one of two ways. The first way is through already infested dry goods that you have purchased from the store. The second way is adult moths or beetles that move indoors through spaces they discover around windows and doors. Once inside, they will look for a place to lay their eggs, usually dry goods that you have stored in your kitchen or pantry.

Rodents are other pests that love to enter our homes during McKinney's late fall or early winter seasons. Food outside can become scarce, and they are on the lookout for a warm, safe place to nest during the cooler months of the year. Rodents are agile creatures that view the smallest openings they find in your home's exterior as an invitation to move inside!

Our Best Tips To Keeping Pests Out Of Your McKinney Home This Fall

To help you keep your home free of pests, we want to help by offering you a list of our top fall prevention tips. Taking the time to pest-proof your home this fall will go a long way in preventing dangerous and destructive pests from moving into your house!

Fall Pest Prevention Tips:

  • Before bringing seasonal decorations in from the garage or shed, inspect the items for insects and rodents that may be hiding inside.
  • When purchasing dry goods from the store to use for all your fall baking, make sure to inspect the packages for rips or tears to avoid introducing pantry pests into your home.
  • After spending the day outside enjoying fall activities with your family, inspect yourself and your pets for fleas and ticks before going inside.
  • Keep fall pests from easily being able to move into your home by completing a thorough inspection of its exterior. Appropriately repair or seal any openings leading into your house that you discover.
  • Deep cleaning isn't just for the spring season. Clean and organize your home to reduce the clutter that has built up over the summer months and to dislodge any pests that have already found a way inside.

We All Make Mistakes, Avoid The Following Mistakes To Help Maintain A Pest-Free Home

Keeping pests out of your home is difficult. They live all around us and have multiple ways of getting into our homes. One mistake homeowners often make when trying to keep pests out of their homes is not asking for help. Guarding your home against the many different pests that live in our area is tricky. Maintaining a pest-free home is best done with the help of an experienced and local pest control company and through the implementation of regular home pest control services. 

Some other common mistakes homeowners make when trying to maintain a pest-free home include:

  • Not addressing the source of the problem. If you don't find out how and why pests are entering your home, they will keep returning.
  • Not understanding how important it is to repair leaky pipes and fixtures in a timely manner. Small leaks lead to big problems. Damp areas and stagnant water will attract many different pests to your home.
  • Believing that if you have just seen one mouse or one flea that the problem isn't severe enough to warrant action. At first sight of pests in your home, take action to eliminate them; though you have only seen one, more are lurking close by. 

Why Call Adams Exterminating Company For Help Keeping Pests Out Of Your McKinney Home?

The best way to keep your McKinney, Texas home free of unwanted pests this fall is to partner with a local pest control company. At Adams Exterminating Company, we understand the pests that live in our area, what they are looking for, how to eliminate them from Mckinney homes, and how to keep them from returning. Our home pest control services will eliminate the pests you are currently dealing with in your home and ensure Texas pests live anywhere but in your home this fall!

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