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The Trick To Keeping Earwigs Off Your Allen Property

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Earwig on a wet leaf.

Everyone needs sleep, but it really puts us in a pretty defenseless situation. We can secure our house with security systems, big dogs, and even weapons, but is there any defense against bugs? We’ve all heard the rumors of pests crawling into our mouths as we sleep, but earwigs are a different story. Their name, fortunately, was born from a myth. Earwigs do not enter your ear as you sleep. They’re no more likely to crawl into your ear than any other pests. However, it’s never a bad idea to learn more about keeping them out of your house and off of your Allen property.

A Peculiar-Looking Pest

Earwigs are usually brown or dark red, with tan appendages. These various appendages include legs, pincers, and forceps, giving them a rather alien-like appearance. They also have two sets of wings, but not all earwig species can fly. The ones that do have the ability to fly aren’t very good at it. Ranging from 5-25 millimeters in length, these pests are very small, and they are not poisonous. They don’t even spread diseases, so their frightening look is just that: a look.

Since these pests like to feed on live or decaying plant matter, you’re most likely to find them in your garden. When the soil is damp and there is plenty of ground cover, they’ll colonize your garden heavily and put your plants at risk. If they do get into your house, it’s an accident, but you’ll probably see them under appliances or in the cool, dark areas of the basement or bathroom. Another added element of creepiness is their nocturnal nature and ability to move quickly. It’s an unpleasant feeling to walk into the bathroom at night only to see some earwigs scurrying about. Plus, although they move around at night, they are very attracted to the light, so they’ll be quite a nuisance on your porch. Sitting on the porch swing watching the sunset isn’t the same with hundreds of earwigs crawling around. Whether they are harmful or not, keeping them out of your home and garden is necessary to maintain peace of mind.

Prevention Techniques

As you’re attempting to get rid of earwigs on your property, you should stick with the following guidelines:

  • Declutter your yard and garden area: any sort of wood or stones are great hiding places for earwig colonies.
  • Dry soil barrier: keep a buffer around your house of about a foot of dry soil that earwigs will not interact with.
  • Eliminate shady areas near your house: damp, shaded areas will allow earwigs to get closer to your home and porch.
  • Use yellow bulbs for exterior lighting: white lights are more attractive to pests. You can also direct this light away from the house and into the yard.
  • Control moisture within the home: using a dehumidifier and checking for leaking pipes under the counters and in the basement will allow you to keep the damp spaces, and earwigs, in your home to a minimum.
  • Direct rainwater flow: using an effective gutter and downspout system to direct the flow of water away from the side of your house is very important in the battle against earwigs and many other pests. Don’t let water accumulate and dampen the soil near the house.

Now, if you find this list exhausting or ineffective, there is another, more guaranteed method to keep earwigs out of your home and garden: Contact Adams Exterminating Company to learn more about total earwig control.

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