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Carpenter Ants: Little Pest, Big Problems

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Carpenter ant crawling on water damaged wood.

When someone says termite, we all sit up and take notice because of the damage they can cause, but do we always take carpenter ants seriously? We often take for granted the seriousness of these small ants, but in all reality, they can do just as much damage as termites in some cases.

Carpenter ants will nest outside in old, rotten, damp trees, but while foraging for food they can work their way indoors to kitchens and pantries. Once indoors carpenter ants will nest in window and door frames, crawl spaces, floors, and walls. These ants will do a lot of damage to wood wherever they travel, as they are burrowing through the wood like mini excavators. They may not be a health threat, and they do not usually bite, but they will damage wood inside your home which can pose a threat to the structure of your home. A carpenter ant infestation that has not been dealt with can cause sagging floors, buckling walls, and warped ceilings. All of this can lead to very costly repairs.

In order to prevent carpenter ants, you will need to clean up your yard and keep it free from piles of wood, clutter, and other items that will attract them. Eliminate or reduce the number of water sources on your property and inside your home, including pipes that leak. Store food items in tightly sealed sturdy containers and clean up food and drink spills immediately. Empty your trash on a regular basis and keep outside garbage away from your home with tight-fitting lids. Seal off all points of entry like cracks, gaps, holes, and crevices. Repair or replace screens, vents, and frames that are damaged or missing. Lastly, do not leave pet or bird food out for long periods of time and keep the food stored in airtight sealed containers.

The #1 way to rid your North Texas home and property of wood-damaging carpenter ants is with the help of an experienced pest control business. Adams Exterminating Company in North Texas offers the professional remediation necessary to control carpenter ants. Give us a call today to learn more about the residential pest control plans we offer to protect your home from carpenter ants and a host of other damaging, dangerous and nuisance pests.

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