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Five Simple Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your McKinney Home

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Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if the pests we see are dangerous or not, we simply don’t want them around our homes. When it comes to spiders, they are certainly unwelcome and, even worse, often the first sign of larger pest problems. Learning how to keep spiders out will help you avoid the potentially dangerous ones that might be lurking in the shadows, not to mention the pests that are around for them to feed on.

No One Wants Spiders

While all spiders can bite people and deliver venom into the bloodstream, most spiders don’t possess toxins that are strong enough to pose a significant threat to people or common household pets. Even still, it’s not like generally harmless spiders are any more welcome to see around your property. For one, their annoying webs can be a pain to keep cleared out. For another, spiders are only invading your property because other pests are already there -- the ones that spiders hunt for food. See, spiders don’t raid your food sources or scrounge for crumbs and traces. Instead, they hunt for all their meals, and they know that insects are attracted to our properties. This is why spider control is really about general pest prevention, which isn’t something that average homeowners have the time or means to accomplish.

Common Spiders In The Area

Again, most spiders you see around your home or in your yard are what we call nuisance pests -- ones that don’t pose larger health risks or property damage. That said, there are a couple of more dangerous spiders in North America, brown recluses and black widows. While spotting these pests is rare, and bites themselves even rarer, both of these local spiders have venom that can make people seriously ill. Typically, spider bites result in itchy welts that go away after a couple of days. Brown recluses and black widows, however, possess venom that leads to other side effects, like nausea or dizziness. If you notice worsening symptoms following a spider bite, you should seek medical attention right away, since the only antivenom can reverse the effects. Rather than waste time trying to identify specific house spiders to see if they fit the bill for these potentially threatening ones, instead, focus your time and energy on addressing the factors that attract all spiders and other pests to your property.

Prevention Tips For Your Home

Here are five steps that every homeowner should keep up on around their home to truly reduce their risk of spider infestations:

  1. Food & trash storage: Spiders don’t need the crumbs and food waste that can be found lying around your home or inside accessible trash bins. The bugs they hunt, however, definitely will be attracted to these food sources.
  2. Moisture control: Another common attractant of pests is excess moisture, which can be found in and around homes with leaking pipes or poor ventilation. Addressing moisture issues quickly will help you avoid pest problems.
  3. Crack sealing: Spiders and the pests they hunt can fit through even small openings in exterior walls. Regularly check for any cracks or holes, no matter how tiny, and make repairs.
  4. Yard debris: Spiders like piles of wood or leaves, which they can nest inside of and avoid the sunlight. Clear out yard debris and try your best to keep trees and bushes from becoming too overgrown, as these areas provide attractive targets for invasive spiders.
  5. Web sweeping: Clearing away spider webs can be a good way to discourage them from targeting those areas again. You’ll need to take other steps, however, to address the root of the infestation.

Overall Pest Control Is Possible

Since spider prevention is really about keeping all sorts of pests out of your yard and home, it’s important to not fall behind on any of these aspects to proper pest control. While homeowners can get started on their own, the best protection comes from expert assistance. At Adams Exterminating Company, our trained technicians can inspect your home for any attractants or early signs of pest infestations. Not only can our guidance help keep spiders from invading in the first place, but our tried and true prevention methods can also keep all kinds of pests off of your property. If spiders are already a problem, act fast to remove them effectively by calling us immediately. Only professional solutions will target the source of an infestation, not just the obvious signs of one.

Keep your home protected from all kinds of spiders by partnering with Adams Exterminating today.

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