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Odorous House Ant Protection In North Texas

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If you live here in Lewisville, there is a good chance you have seen ants out and about. Here's a question: If you think really hard, how many ant species can you name? You may remember a few, such as the fire ant, carpenter ant, carpenter ants with wings, pavement ant, but did you know that there are over 12,000 species of ants! That’s a lot of ants crawling around. Today we are going to put a magnifying glass on just one species, the smelly pernicious odorous house ant.

The Odorous House Ant

As their name suggests, these small brown to black scavengers give off a not-so-pleasant smell, especially when squished, much like the infamous stink bug. Very small at only 1/8th of an inch long, the odorous house ant is not only hard to spot by itself but is also adept at squeezing into hard-to-reach places. This can be extremely frustrating when you begin to find them in every area of your home. What is even more frustrating is trying to kill them yourself with traps and chemicals only to find them back in greater numbers a few days later. The reason why store-bought pest solutions often don’t work for odorous house ants is due to the fact that odorous house ants leave behind a scent trail when scavenging for food. This trail is used by other ants to find their way right back into your home.

Nuisance and Health Risks of Odorous House Ants

How many times have you stopped and thought, “Man, am I happy these ants keep invading my home.”? Never, right? We can all agree that ants are bothersome, creepy crawling thieves. Have you ever watched a trail of ants, inside your home, carrying food back to their colony? Maybe you have stepped right in the middle of them when not paying attention? There is no creepier feeling than squishing ants under your bare feet or, even worse, having them crawl over you. On top of their ability to disturb our peace, odorous house ants contaminate our food. Although not dangerous by themselves, their six little feet can pick up and transport some harmful bacteria from the filth around our homes straight to our stores of foods.

Why Call a Professional

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Keeping ants out of your Lewisville can be a pain. Often times it seems that no matter what we do or how many we kill, there will always be more. This is why professional pest exclusion is so important. The professionals here at Adams Exterminating have just that. If your home is crawling with ants, let Adams help. Our methods are designed to quickly and efficiently remove even the largest of ant infestations. If you want to learn more about our year-round pest protection plan, contact us today!

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