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How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Lewisville Home This Fall

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Cockroach on a cement ground

Here in Lewisville, cockroaches are a year-round problem. But with seasons changing and colder months coming, the behavior of cockroaches changes and cockroach prevention is imperative. This is the perfect time to schedule a professional inspection of your home and secure treatment for potential cockroach infestations with Adams Exterminating Company. We make it easy for you to request a free home estimate online.

Why Is Cockroach Prevention Different In The Fall

When you stop and think about what cockroaches' purpose is, you may find that they really don't have one. They aren’t particularly beneficial, other than maybe eating other small insects. They spread disease and live in filth. They essentially reproduce and search for food.

In the fall, food sources outdoors can become scarce. Cockroaches will go wherever the food supply is and, in the cooler months, that supply is often your kitchen. Additionally, cockroaches are tropical by nature. While they have adapted to almost all climates, they will still seek shelter in dark, warm, moist areas, such as your basement, in drains and cracks in walls, in bathrooms, and more. In the fall, you need to watch your Lewisville home for signs of cockroaches settling in for the winter.

How Adams Exterminating Company Inspects And Treats For Cockroaches

At Adams Exterminating Company, we have over 70 years of experience serving the residents of North Texas. We provide quick and efficient service, often with same-day appointments and at scheduled times, so you know when to expect us. If you suspect that you have a cockroach problem in your Lewisville home, you can call us or use our online request form to schedule a free home inspection. We will evaluate your situation and identify your pest problem, determining if, in fact, you do have cockroaches infesting your home. We will provide a comprehensive extermination plan and present you with options that will work for you and your family.

How To Request A Free Home Estimate Online

We know it’s not always convenient to call our office or to talk on the telephone. Adams Exterminating Company offers the option of requesting free home estimates online. Visit our home page at and click on the ‘request estimate’ button located on the front page, or scroll to the bottom of any of our pages to locate the contact form.

Fill in the information requested, including which type of service you are interested in or the problem you are having. Click the submit button and a confirmation page will appear, letting you know that one of our technicians will contact you as soon as possible. It’s that easy. 

Don’t try to deal with cockroach problems alone this fall in Lewisville. Contact us at Adams Exterminating Company by telephone, or use our easy contact form.

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