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What To Do About Carpet Beetles In Your Collin County Home

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Have you spotted small bugs in your lush carpet? You may have carpet beetles. Carpet beetles in your home aren’t just unhygienic; they can cause severe damage. So what are carpet beetles? Learn more about these destructive pests, including what they feed on, the damage they can do, and most importantly, how to get rid of carpet beetles. 

How To Identify A Carpet Beetle Infestation

Before you can combat your carpet beetle problem, you need to be able to identify a carpet beetle infestation correctly. There are a few key indicators of a carpet beetle infection, and if you see them around your home, your first call should be to Adams Exterminating Company. We know how to handle beetles in Collin County. 

One of the first critical indicators of a carpet beetle infestation is thin bare areas on wool or wool-blend type rugs. If you're also finding your wool clothes riddled with holes and damaged, chances are carpet beetles are the culprit. Similarly, if you notice damage to your favorite leather jacket, fur coat, or silk robe, carpet beetles may be to blame.

One of the most apparent indicators of a carpet beetle problem is seeing carpet beetle larvae in your home. If you’re finding shed larval skins in hidden areas, that means your infestation is pretty far along. If you’re seeing beetles crawl up your walls or finding dead carpet beetles on your windowsills, it's time to enlist the help of a professional Collin County pest control company. That could mean your house and your belongings are in serious trouble. 

The Damage Carpet Beetles Can Cause In Your House

What are carpet beetles, anyway? Much like their name suggests, carpet beetles like to feed on your wool carpets. However, that’s not the only thing they have an appetite for. Carpet beetles also feed on other items that consist of certain natural materials. Items like fur, felt, silk, feathers, skins, and leather are often on the carpet beetle's menu.

Your carpet and clothes aren’t the only items around your home that are in danger of a carpet beetle attack. Carpet beetles won't damage the structural integrity of your home, but their larvae can cause considerable damage to an area within weeks when they gnaw at your carpeting, furniture, and other fibers. Unlike moths, carpet beetles tend to feed in large clusters, so the damage can end up being noticeable.

How Carpet Beetle Infestations Start

So what causes carpet beetles? A number of things can trigger a carpet beetle infestation in your home:

  • Carpet beetles are often introduced to your home when they're brought inside accidentally. They can sometimes hitch a ride into your home on flowers or plants. 
  • Carpet beetles are small and can fly. Most of them are attracted to light and can quickly soar into your home through cracks in windows and doors.
  • When adult carpet beetles fly into your home through open doors and windows, they can lay eggs on furniture, clothing, or rugs. 

Once you eradicate a carpet beetle infestation, you need to make sure the items in your home are clean and well maintained, or else a new carpet beetle brood could hatch and start the cycle all over again.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Carpet Beetles And Keeping Them Away

You can do a few things around your home to avoid a carpet beetle infestation. Before bringing anything into your home, make sure it is clean and check the item for pests before bringing it into your house. Likewise, make sure the inside of your home is clean. An untidy residence is an easy way for any pest to feel welcome in your home. 

The only way to guarantee that your carpet beetle infestation is adequately identified and eradicated is by hiring the pest control professionals at Adams Exterminating Company. We’ve got the knowledge and materials needed to take care of any pest problem your Collin County household may face. So give us a call today! 

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