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When Is The Right Time To Call About Centipedes In My Home?

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Centipede crawling on red surface

The best time to call a professional about centipedes in your home is before there are centipedes in your home. However, if it’s too late and you’ve already spotted the creepy crawly pests then now is the right time to call. While centipedes are harmless to humans, most of the time their presence is not welcome. And having centipedes in your home can signal that you may have a larger pest problem. Professional pest control is your best option for getting rid of nuisance pests like centipedes.

Nuisance Factors of Centipedes in Your Home

Let’s face it, no one wants to see a multi-legged worm-like critter dashing through their home. But, despite the ick factor, centipedes are harmless. However, having centipedes in your home may mean you have other pests. Centipedes feed on soft-bodied insects such as worms and spiders. They won’t stay in your home if there is nothing for them to eat so the likely hood that other pests are present is high if you spot centipedes. Also, if centipedes got in, there’s a good chance that other pests can find their way in too.

Ways to Get Rid of Centipedes

Centipedes need moisture to survive, so keeping your home dry, especially your basement, is a good way to make your home less attractive to them. Outside your home, removing damp leaves and yard debris helps reduce the available hiding places for centipedes. Sealing up cracks in your home, fixing broken doors and screens, and caulking around pipes, wires, and drains, as well as installing vents, can also help.

Professional Pest Control

Sometimes, no matter what you do for DIY pest prevention, it just isn't enough. And it is time-consuming and a never-ending project to keep your home pest-proof. One way to take the burden off yourself and to ensure a pest-free home is to consider year-round pest control.

At Adams Exterminating Company our expert technicians can help you select the best year-round pest control plan for your home. Not only will we get rid of your centipede problem but manage other more troublesome pests as well. Our service plans include visits every other month where we treat the exterior of your home (including spider web removal and hornet control). We also provide interior service and guarantee our work. Don’t hesitate to call us today to prevent or eliminate centipedes in your home.

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