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How To Take The Sting Out Of Spring In Lewisville

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wasp climbing on a cup with water

Many of us have been waiting for spring to arrive and now that it is here, Lewisville residents are eager to leave their homes and begin experiencing the fun and sunshine of another Texas summer. Not so surprisingly, many spring and summer pests are also on the rise as they wake up from their winter slumber to enjoy the higher temperatures. Both wasps and bees are becoming more active again to find food, create new hives, and raise new young. Bees provide a very helpful balance to the ecosystem by pollinating young plants and flourishing as a species, but having a beehive in your roof eaves or under your deck is not something any homeowner wants to deal with alone.

Wasps and bees may become a problem on your property during spring as they emerge from their winter dormancy to begin feeding, reproducing, and protecting their nests. When threatened or alarmed, many types of stinging insects will swarm out of their nest and attack whatever they feel threatened by. However, bees and wasps have very different types of stingers. Bees usually have barbed stingers that only allow them to sting once before dying. Wasps, on the other hand, have smooth stingers that allow them to sting multiple times in a row. No Lewisville homeowner wants wasps in or near their house, which is why early wasp prevention is crucial to avoid finding a wasp nest somewhere on your property this season.

The good news is that you can do a few things to protect yourself from being stung while outside:

  • Bright colored clothing and floral prints attract wasps and bees. When outside, avoid wearing these items.
  • Always keep foods and drinks covered at all times. Never leave open soda cans on your property.
  • Clean up food and drink spills as soon as they happen.
  • Do not swat at stinging insects buzzing around your face or food, this will only make them more aggressive
  • Avoid using scented lotions, perfumes, and shampoos that will attract wasps with their sweet scent.

Attempting to remove a wasps' nest on your own can put your physical well being at risk, which is why getting professional help with your wasp problem is always the best solution. Adams Exterminating Company provides professional wasp control and removal services that will keep you and your home protected all year long. Don’t worry about stinging insects on your property anymore, get quality pest control service from the pest experts here at Adams Exterminating Company. Reach out to us today for a wasp-free home.

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