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Getting Rid Of Flies In Argyle The Easy Way

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Flies are persistent, gross, and difficult to eliminate. Pretty much every homeowner has had to deal with flies at one point or another. Whether it’s drain flies, fruit flies, or another species, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one kind or another buzzing around your property. The best way to deal with a fly infestation is to get pest control services in Argyle that are designed to ward off existing bugs and shield your property from future invasions. Turning to Adams Exterminating Company is the sure way to keep flies away for good. 

The Many Kinds Of Flies You Can Find Around Argyle 

Have you ever looked around at the small flies in your house and wondered what kind they are? Well, fly identification can be tricky since they rarely stay put long enough for you to see the distinctive features that separate one species from another. More often, we refer to flies simply by where we find them, hence names like fruit flies, drain flies, and horse flies. Plus, it doesn’t help that all kinds of flies, including blow flies, flesh flies, and house flies, thrive in regions where it stays warm throughout most of the year.

It’s less important that you know how to separate one kind of fly from another and more vital that you know how to address them properly. Rather than trying to fill your house with plants that get rid of flies or turning to potentially harmful chemicals, you should consult with your local pest control experts at Adams Exterminating. We know how to treat all kinds of insect problems with methods that are both safe and effective, including fly infestations.

Why Flies In Your Home Can Be Problematic

Aside from being annoying and gross to look at, flies in your home can actually lead to larger problems, too. First and foremost, they can contaminate food sources. Flies often crawl around on food that’s been left out and can even get inside food packaging to feast. To make matters worse, the more these pests feed, the more they will reproduce, and a fly problem can quickly grow to truly huge and nasty proportions if left untreated.

The presence of one pest population often leads to others. Having flies around can draw in hungry spiders and other pests that want to hunt the flies that are thriving on your property. This is why you need to contact the pros as soon as you notice you have a fly infestation.

Six Simple Yet Effective Tips To Keep Flies Out Of Your Home

It’s better to get started early on fly control measures rather than waiting for them to arrive before you take action. Here are six factors to consider:

  1. Food Storage: Leaving food out or stored in easily accessible containers is an open invitation for flies and other pests to come inside and feast.
  2. Trash: Flies will also thrive on the food we throw away, so your trash bins need to be secure.
  3. Drain Pipes: Cleaning your drain pipes regularly can reduce the bacteria and food scraps that can accumulate and attract flies.
  4. Access Points: To keep flies out, you need to focus on removing their access points, particularly around doors and windows. Torn screens or gaps around a threshold are easy ways for tiny flies to get in.
  5. Inspections: Trained experts can help you spot these factors that might be attracting pests, plus pinpoint the areas where populations may already be thriving, so don’t neglect professional pest inspections.
  6. Treatments: Pest control treatments don’t just eliminate existing fly problems. They help protect against future ones, too.

Keep up with these pest prevention measures with guidance from Adams Exterminating Company. We’d be happy to help!

How Do I Get Rid Of Flies In My Home? 

Getting rid of house flies isn’t as simple as going out and buying a bug bomb or spraying contaminated areas with store-bought treatments. Flies breed quickly and in large numbers, so only addressing one small part of the population will allow it to bounce right back in a matter of weeks. Rather than turning to home remedies for house flies, you should contact the pest control experts at Adams Exterminating. We can get rid of the flies you’re dealing with and even protect your Argyle home against future infestations with our proven treatment plans. Contact us today to get started.

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