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Answering Dallas' Most Commonly Asked Fire Ant Questions

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group of fire ants on a plant

Dallas, Texas, has plenty of wide open spaces. This exciting community features many fun-filled local attractions for visitors and residents. Whether you like to explore local lakes and trails or immerse yourself in Dallas' many downtown cultural experiences, the city promises to be a delightful mix of "hip intersecting with historic." Something else the local area has around their city is fire ants, and without Dallas pest control services, they might end up spoiling your fun.

Are All Red Ants Considered Fire Ants?

Not all red ants are fire ants. Texans have other native red ants, including the red harvester, big-headed, and raspberry-crazy ant, which sometimes get confused with fire ants. While big-headed and rasberry crazy ants tend to be more of a nuisance, the red harvester ant can bite and give a nasty painful sting. Their larger size (1/4 to 1/2 inches long) makes them easier to distinguish from other red ants, typically measuring around 1/16 to 1/4 inch long. Over the years, imported fire ants have steadily impacted native red ant populations and spread throughout Texas, pushing out other red ant species. Because their populations are becoming more abundant around Dallas, it is essential to be able to identify them quickly. Adams Exterminating has well-trained entomologists who can promptly identify red ants and recommend appropriate fire ant treatments for Dallas properties.

What Are Fire Ants Attracted To?

Fire ants are always on the hunt for food and water. Hot temperatures and dry conditions can contribute to their need to forage for food, often leading them to area properties. If your property satisfies a fire ant's water and nutritional requirements, they may settle nearby.

Things that can lure Dallas fire ants onto and into properties include the following:

  • Abundant water sources (leaking pipes, poor drainage systems, standing water)
  • Buildings with an abundance of moist, damp areas.
  • Areas with good food sources (plants, oils, meats, insects, sugars, grease, pet food, and fruits)
  • Unsecured outdoor trash
  • Electrical equipment
  • Compost piles and mulch beds

While property owners can try to deter fire ants in many different ways, they are tenacious invaders that sometimes don't take no for an answer. When you have fire ant concerns, it's always best to get fire ant control for your Dallas property from the experts at Adams Exterminating.

Is There Any Way To Kill Fire Ants Instantly?

There is no instant fix for fire ant problems; they are hard to eliminate. Fire ants in Dallas are persistent pests; you might remove some, but they will likely return unless you get rid of the entire population. Property owners must be just as stubborn as fire ants to have any hope of controlling them. To eliminate a fire ant colony, you have to get to the queen, who is well-guarded underground. If nests are disturbed, queens can quickly relocate their nest and reestablish a new colony nearby within weeks. New queens or other colonies can also migrate and promptly repopulate once vacated nests. Even if you could eliminate fire ants from your property, mating females can soon land in your yard and start the process again. With a pest this determined, you need a tenacious professional to rid your property of fire ants. At Adams Exterminating, we have the expertise to remove existing infestations and stop new ones from replacing them.

How Do The Professionals Get Rid Of Fire Ants?

Property owners need an experienced company like Adams Exterminating to eliminate fire ants. Our fourth-generation, locally owned pest control company has fought local pests since 1947. We have expert technicians with extensive training in fire ant behaviors and the tools and industrial-grade treatments to treat them effectively. Our specially designed fire ant control solutions and prevention services help keep properties free from fire ant infestations. Keep fire ants from gaining the upper hand around your property. Call Adams Exterminating today for a free estimate; rest easy knowing a seasoned professional will protect your property.

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