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Quick Guide For Fall Wasps

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Fall in Texas brings with it an increase in calls for wasp infestations. But often these calls are false positives. When a technician is dispatched to take a look, there is usually no nest present. This leads to unneeded stress and inconvenience for our customers. So we've put together this quick guide for fall wasps.

The Behavior Of Wasps In Fall

Are you seeing a wasp or two, or even three, inside the living areas of your home? This is not uncommon in the fall. During the onset of colder weather (60 to 70 degrees) most wasps die off. The only wasps left alive are inseminated females looking for a place to hide till the warm weather of spring allows them to come back out and begin creating new nests. If you're seeing wasps in fall, there is a good chance they are these "future queens," flying around your home. These overwintering queens are not aggressive and rarely sting.

What Should I Do About Wasps In Fall?

If you're seeing a wasp here or there, it is a simple matter of sucking those wasps up with a vacuum. In most cases, this is a simple resolution that corrects the problem. It may also be necessary for you to address any openings that overwintering queens are using to get into your home, such as penetrations associated with vents and skylight flashing, chimneys, window and door frames, utility line penetrations, and holes in your exterior walls. Sealing possible entry points is an important short-term solution but, also, the best long-term solution for invading wasps.

Is It A Nest?

If you have an active nest in your home, you're going to see several wasps congregating, or you'll see the nest itself. In these cases, it is best to call for assistance from your pest control technician. You technician has the proper equipment to deal with a nest. If you're seeing one wasp here and there, it is more likely that you're dealing with overwintering queens. You should be fine to kill those wasps, or vacuum them up, and take a few minutes to seal any entry points you find in your home.  

With the weather growing cold and then warming up, the chance of seeing wasps appearing in the common areas of your Texas home is more likely. We understand how nerve-wracking that can be. Take a moment to examine the problem. It might be something you can easily take care of without all the hassle of having a technician come over. But, as always, we're happy to help you resolve any pest issues you have in or around your home. Our goal is simply to equip you for the fastest and easiest resolution to your pest problems. And, most of the time, wasps in fall are an easy fix.

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