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How Mosquito Control Works

Serving Families Throughout North Texas

Mosquitoes are annoying, pesky insects that constantly buzz in our ears, fly in our faces, and bite every bit of exposed skin, leaving us with raised bumps that can be extremely itchy and drive us crazy. But that’s not all! Mosquitoes can cause some serious diseases like the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, malaria, equine encephalitis and canine heartworm. No one wants to be infected with a mosquito-borne disease; and to prevent these illnesses, it is essential to reduce the population of mosquitoes on your property. Mosquito control from a trusted pest control company is usually the most effective way to reduce mosquito populations. You may wonder what mosquito control is, exactly, and how it could possibly work. Well, here at Adams Exterminating Company our treatment programs are designed to get you back outdoors to enjoy your own property again as soon as possible.

Here is a description of the mosquito control options offered by Adams Exterminating Company to help you determine which one is right for you:

  • Our mosquito misting system is an automated system that is set up and forgotten; well, by you anyway. This system will deliver a mist of insecticide and repellent throughout the day during the active mosquito season. Our technicians will service your system as necessary, and you have the options to trigger the mister by remote control for extra application whenever you need it.
  • Our seasonal mosquito service is a treatment program that runs from March to October. We will address all mosquito resting spots, treat breeding areas, and eliminate all adult mosquitoes. Our technicians will use a gas-powered backpack misting machine as they walk around your yard to spray areas where mosquitoes are most active and places where they rest and hide throughout the day. You will also receive expert advice on additional steps that you can take to further reduce breeding in your yard which will help you get optimal results in eliminating as many mosquitoes as possible.
  • Lastly, we offer a party package - pest control for your outdoor event. If you are planning an event, and you don’t want the mosquitoes to be the main attraction, then this package is for you. Our technicians will treat your event area prior to the event with a one-time treatment to reduce the population of mosquitoes, fire ants, and wasps. This is ideal for graduations, weddings, family reunions, sporting events, and any other outdoor gathering.

Enjoying your backyard doesn’t have to be a long lost dream; you can make it a reality with mosquito control from Adams Exterminating Company.

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