Why You Should Have Professional Mosquito Control For Your Lewisville Property

Some of the most important events of your life will take place in your yard. It is where you sit on your porch and watch your kids run around the yard in search of hidden Easter eggs. It is where you watch your kids play and grow. It is where birthday parties can happen. It is where you cook hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill at your son or daughter's graduation party. It may be the location for your son or daughter's wedding or reception. It might be where you gather with all your family for a reunion. Your yard offers many opportunities for some of life's most treasured moments. The best way to protect those moments, and all of the people you love, is with ongoing mosquito control.

Mosquito-borne Diseases

Mosquitoes aren't just irritating pests, they can spread serious diseases. They are responsible for many fatalities in the United States every year. And, as you are probably aware, viruses like Zika can impact the life of a family forever. Zika virus can cause microcephaly, which can lead to birth defects and lifelong health problems. The threat of mosquitoes is not something you should address with DIY mosquito control. There are too many ways those little, biting pests can impact your health, and the health of those you love. They can also make your pets sick.

What Doesn't Work

There are many pitfalls to DIY mosquito control. Many mosquito control solutions aren't solutions at all. They fail to deter mosquitoes enough to prevent bites. They only work to kill male mosquitoes, which don't bite. And they tend to treat the symptoms, not the problem. Here some examples:

  • Studies have shown that bug zappers do a good job of attracting mosquitoes but are only effective at killing male mosquitoes.

  • Torches promise protection but do little to deter female mosquitoes.

  • Mosquito-resistant plants can create a scent that mosquitoes don't like but they must be rubbed for the scent to be activated. Even after releasing the scent and rubbing the oils on your skin, female mosquitoes can still bite you.

  • Mosquito repellent is one of the most effective ways to prevent bites but a desperate female mosquito will still find a way.

  • Sonic repellents promise big results, but there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims. In fact, some studies have shown these devices to be attractive to mosquitoes.

What Works To Control Mosquitoes?

At Adams Exterminating Company, we use two methods of mosquito control that are known to be highly effective at getting control of mosquitoes.

Mist — Have you heard the term mosquito abatement? It is what the government uses to prevent the spread of infectious mosquito-borne diseases. Our team applies this mosquito control method as part of our seasonal mosquito reduction service between March and October. This service includes monthly service visits and an application of mist to key areas on your property. The product we use works to eliminate simple organisms and will not harm you, your kids, or your pets.

In2Care — If you're looking for a solution that doesn't require a treatment to mosquito resting sites on your property, this is the way to go. The In2Care system eliminates female mosquitoes as they are about to lay hundreds of eggs in your yard—eggs that will turn into flying insects in a little over a week. In2Care traps offer female mosquitoes desirable breeding sites. When they get into these traps, they are exposed to an EPA-approved biological fungus that is toxic to mosquitoes but harmless to humans and pets. The female mosquitoes and their eggs are eliminated, breaking the cycle of reproduction. Since most of the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mosquitoes that hatch in your yard, this mosquito control system will make a big difference.

One-Time Or All The Time

Whether you're looking for one-time mosquito control service in advance of an important outdoor event, or you want ongoing mosquito control to keep your yard free of mosquitoes for all of your outdoor activities, we can help. Reach out to Adams Exterminating Company. We don't just exterminate pests; we provide ongoing, proactive pest control to protect your health and property. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate to get started. It's that easy.

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