Why It's Best To Call The Pros About Roaches In Your Frisco Home

The most common cockroaches we find infesting Frisco homes are German, American, smokybrown, and Oriental cockroaches. German roaches are the small, tan cockroaches that look like they have a dark equal sign on the backs of their heads. American cockroaches are the large chestnut-colored cockroaches that have yellow on the backs of their heads that may look like a figure eight at some angles. Smokybrown cockroaches are also large roaches, and they are a dark brown or black color. Oriental cockroaches are mid-sized roaches and are entirely black. These roaches don't just differ in appearance, they differ in other important ways. But we're not going to be focusing on what makes them different. For our topic today, it is more important to consider how they are the same.

Cockroaches Are Dirty

All pest roaches feed on rotting organic matter in drains, garbage bins, and dumpsters. They all feed on dog droppings, wildlife droppings, and climb around sewers to feed on human waste. Roaches don't just look gross; they are gross This is why they are implicated in the spread of many bacterial diseases, human pathogens, and parasitic worms. It is also why their shed skins, saliva, and feces are a source of allergens, and can cause respiratory issues for Frisco residents who have an infestation. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about cockroaches, in regards to their lack of cleanliness, are the many documented cases of cockroaches walking on the skin of medical patients and having rashes appear in these areas. Cockroaches contaminate everything they touch, including your skin at night while you're sleeping. In light of the disease threat cockroaches pose, it is best to have a licensed pest professional deal with these filthy creatures.

Cockroaches Are Tough

All pest roaches are startlingly difficult to kill. If you directly spray a cockroach, you can kill it. But a cockroach can climb across an area you've sprayed and survive the exposure. If it is a nymph, it can shed its cuticle (that is the skin of the cockroach) and grow a new skin that is more resistant to the chemical. This makes cockroaches even tougher to kill. So, what often happens when Frisco residents try to exterminate cockroaches is that they end up exposing themselves to the chemicals they used to kill the roaches. The chemically resistant roaches pick up the chemicals on their feet and then spread them around to surfaces, dishes, silverware, food, and more. The products and methods professionals use are EPA-approved and in compliance with all safety regulations.

Cockroaches Are Sneaky

If you attempt to eliminate cockroaches in your home, how will you know when they're gone? These insects have characteristics that make them difficult to detect.

  • Roaches are nocturnal and they prefer to stay in dark places if they are active in the day.

  • Roaches are thigmotactic and drawn to tight spaces.

  • Roaches prefer to stay hidden. Only roaches with bold personalities go out in search of food. When a food source is found, other roaches will come out and join them. This will usually occur at night.

When DIY cockroach control fails, it can be difficult to know that it has failed. A licensed professional uses field-tested methods and products to inspect for signs of cockroach activity.

Cockroaches Are Plentiful

If you think it is bad to have a few dirty, tough, sneaky roaches in your home, how would you feel about having thousands? These insects can grow large populations when they find the resources to do so. As they grow in population, the threat they present to human health grows as well. You should never allow this to happen. At the first sign of a cockroach infestation, contact a licensed pest management professional. What are the signs?

  • The appearance of cockroaches is the worst sign because it means your home is filled with roaches.

  • The sound of cockroach feet on hard surfaces at night can alert you to their presence in your home.

  • This can be subtle and easily missed.

  • Tiny black specks stuck to surfaces in dark, damp, hidden places around your home.

  • Shed skins in tight spaces and dark areas.

  • Eggs cases (called ootheca).

Cockroach Control In Frisco

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