Why Every Lewisville Home Needs Termite Protection

There are many things that can go wrong in life. That is why 30 minutes with a life insurance agent is a sobering experience. Those life insurance agents have a lot to work with to instill concern in the hearts of people. Termite control professionals can do the same thing. We could terrify you with stories of lives shattered by termite infestations. But our objective isn't to scare you into getting termite protection. We just want you to understand the value of putting this essential protection in place. Termites cost U.S. property owners billions of dollars annually. Here are two examples of how important it is to protect ourselves. With them, we hope to show you how important termite protection is for your Lewisville home.

Car Insurance

There are few people who would disagree that a car accident can have a big impact on a family. In fact, so many people agree that this is a serious threat, the U.S. government has taken action to force vehicle operators to purchase insurance. The least amount of insurance that is required is called liability. This type of insurance covers bodily injury and the cost of property loss for the victim of an accident. With this insurance in place, it never falls on the operator of a motor vehicle to cover this financial burden. Therefore, no one is ever left uncovered—at least theoretically. All operators of vehicles in the United States are required to pay a set amount to guard themselves against a large financial burden that many people can't shoulder on their own.

Medical Insurance

When a health crisis arises, it can be financially devastating. This kind of crisis has the ability to completely wipe out the savings of a family. Fortunately, there is insurance coverage for this. When a family pays for this coverage, they pay out a set amount so that they never have to be taken down by a giant medical bill. Unlike vehicle insurance, this type of insurance is not mandatory. But there are a few who would disagree that it is essential.

Termites Insurance

Subterranean termites can cause irreparable damage to man-made structures. This can lead to a financial burden that is able to destroy a business or wipe out the finances of a family. Sadly, most insurance companies do not provide coverage for damage caused by termites and other pests. They consider this kind of damage preventable through routine maintenance, even though most homeowners are not equipped with the knowledge of how to effectively guard against termite damage. This leaves property owners holding the bill when subterranean termites destroy a structure.

How Do You Stop Termites?

In the three examples above, there is a progression. Did you notice it? All three types of coverage are essential but they are handled differently. Car insurance is mandatory. Health insurance is optional. And termite insurance is deferred to homeowners. Fortunately, you don't have to shoulder the responsibility of doing the "routine maintenance" required to stop termites from destroying your property.

Termite Warranty

When you invest in termite protection that comes with a termite service warranty, you decide how much you're going to allow subterranean termites to cost you. You pay a little now so that you're not left holding a giant bill that could destroy your finances. But this kind of protection is different from insurance. That is why it is called a warranty. When you invest in insurance, you don't really do anything to prevent the crisis you are seeking coverage for. You can pay out big bucks every year for the best health coverage and still get cancer or some other devastating illness. This is not the case with a termite warranty.

When you invest in termite protection, you get routine visits from a licensed professional who will ensure that your termite defenses are effectively protecting your property from damage. That is a lot better than insurance!

At Adams Exterminating Company, we use the award-winning Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. This system targets termites and uses termite workers against the colony that sent them. It has decades of real-world success and is considered by experts to be the #1 rated brand in termite protection. Best of all, this termite control solution lets you know when it stops termites from damaging your home. You can't put a price tag on that. When termites come to feed, your termite control technician will find dead workers and soldiers in the bait stations. This will let you know that your money was well spent.

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