What To Do If You Believe Your Frisco Home Has A Flea Problem

At the first sign of fleas, it's time to sell your house and find a new home. Just kidding. Fleas are a common pest problem—so common that you may think that fleas are not a big deal. But fleas have the potential to present a serious threat to your pets, and to the humans living in your home. Fleas can spread harmful diseases, such as bartonellosis, Murine typhus, tapeworm, tularemia, tungiasis, and the bubonic plague (yes, that's still a thing). The risk of disease is higher if a home has a rodent infestation along with a flea infestation, or if a yard is often visited by wildlife. Wild animals are the reservoir for these diseases. So catching fleas early and eliminating them quickly is important for the prevention of disease. Here are a few tips to help you with your flea prevention efforts.

Watch Your Pets

If your dog or cat starts to scratch, fleas may be the reason. Monitoring your pet's behavior can help with early detection. If you suspect that your pet has fleas, use a comb to inspect for adult fleas or flea dirt. Flea dirt is the black excrement of fleas. This excrement may leave a red stain when squished because it has blood inside.

What To Do First

When you detect fleas, you may choose to handle this problem yourself. While we recommend professional treatment, due to the potential severity of illness, there are some things you can do to arrest a limited number of fleas.

  • Wash your pets' bedding to remove any eggs, flea dirt, or larvae.

  • Vacuum your rugs to lift eggs, flea dirt, and larvae out of the fibers.

  • Vacuum furniture thoroughly.

  • Give your pet a flea bath outside.

What Not To Do

Avoid natural remedies offered on the internet. There are many ways natural remedies can fail to get control of fleas. Here are a few examples:

  • Vinegar and water solutions applied to surfaces will dry and become inert.

  • Diatomaceous earth doesn't get deep enough to kill flea larvae, and doesn't eliminate eggs. Fleas will continue to emerge long after you've vacuumed up all of the DE.

  • Any natural solution that is sprayed on fleas to kill them will not get deep enough to kill all the fleas or eliminate their eggs. 

The Best Flea Prevention

Contacting a licensed pest control professional, like Adams Exterminating Company is the best way to go. Our pest professionals use EPA approved products that have a residual impact. These products stay active in your home for months, eliminating new fleas that hatch and develop. There is no better way to break the cycle of reproduction.

Ongoing Flea Prevention

Once fleas have been exterminated in your home, it is time to turn your attention to long-term prevention. This is best done through a collaboration between your pest control professional and your veterinarian. If you choose to tackle this yourself, here are a few suggestions.

  • Consider creating a fenced outdoor recreation area for your dog(s). This keeps your dog(s) from exploring areas around your home where fleas are waiting for a host. It also makes it more difficult for wildlife to get into this zone.

  • Take measures to keep wildlife traffic to a minimum around your home. Animals come into your yard in search of food, water, and harborage. Removing these can help to control wildlife activity. Keep your trash in covered containers. Move bird feeders away from your home. Remove lawn clutter and any objects animals can hide in. Keep your landscaping and grass trimmed. Alter conditions that allow for the capture of rainwater.

  • Reduce moisture in your landscaping to make it less hospitable to developing fleas.

  • Purchase flea collars for your pets. While flea collars are by no means the end-all of flea prevention, they are one important piece of the flea-prevention puzzle.

Pest Control In Frisco

Remember that Adams Exterminating Company is always available to help you get control of pests around your property, including fleas. The products we use around your home prevent fleas from developing and then waiting in these areas for your pets to pass by. Reach out to us today to start service. A pest-free home is a wonderful place to live. 

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