What Every Frisco Property Owner Ought To Know About Black Widow Spiders

In our area, black widow spiders are a concern. Black widows have a venom that can cause serious illness. The more you know about these spiders, the better. Today, we're going to give you all the important facts you need to avoid getting bitten and to keep these spiders out of your home.

Black Widow Identification

If you're not familiar with what a black widow spider looks like, there are a few visual characteristics that can help with identification.

  • A black widow is entirely black except for a red marking.

  • A black widow is visibly hairless.

  • The markings on a black widow may be red, orange or yellow.

  • The marking on a black widow can be found on the abdomen.

  • The marking on a black widow may be in the shape of an hourglass or may appear as dots, depending on the age of the spider.

  • The marking on a black widow may look like an irregular line down the center of the abdomen.

  • The abdomen of a widow spider is shaped like an orb.

  • A black widow may be 1 ½ to 1 ⅜ inches long.

  • Males are smaller than females.

Black Widows In The Yard

When a black widow spider comes into your yard, you can expect it to hide in and around wood, brush, and leaf piles. You may also find one under your deck, stairs, and other exterior structures. The best way to avoid a black widow spider bite when you're out in your yard is to wear gloves and to be cautious. If you go underneath your deck, be sure to use a flashlight to inspect for the presence of black widow spider webs. These webs are made of strong material and constructed in an irregular manner. Keep in mind that black widows keep their egg sacs in their webs. Bites from these spiders usually occur when there is contact with a web and the female spider bites defensively to protect her eggs.

Black Widows In Structures

It is rare for a black widow to get into a home. If it does, it is likely to stay in a secluded area, such as a storage space inside your garage. These spiders more commonly infest sheds, barns, and outbuildings. Be cautious when going into secluded structures or exterior storage rooms. Here are a few tips for keeping black widows out:

  • Inspect for rotting wood and holes created by wood-destroying insects. These holes can give black widows easy entry.

  • Inspect pipes that pass through your foundation walls. A gap around a pipe is an invitation for a black widow.

  • Inspect your exterior doors and windows and address any gaps or holes you find.

Black Widow Prevention

The secret to reducing black widow spiders in your yard is to reduce the food black widows eat. If you have fewer grasshoppers, mice, lizards, snakes, mosquitoes, and bugs, you'll have fewer black widow spiders. Here are a few general tips for reducing black widow food sources:

  • Reduce exterior lights at night and keep your shades drawn. Many insects are attracted to light. If keeping lights off is a security concern, consider replacing white bulbs with insect-resistant yellow bulbs.

  • Reduce moisture. There are many bugs that are attracted to moist environments. A key way to reduce moisture is to make sure your gutters are clean.

  • Reduce standing water. Some mosquito species breed in stagnant water. Remove objects in your yard that allow rainwater to collect.

  • Keep your grass trimmed and remove unnecessary vegetation from your landscaping. This will help reduce moisture and also remove hiding places for mice and other animals.

  • Make sure your exterior trash is kept in covered receptacles, and that you have your trash removed from your property weekly. If your trash receptacles have an odor, pests will take notice.

Residential Pest Control

The best way to reduce the food sources that black widow spiders eat is to invest in a residential pest control program. This is where we can help. At Adams Exterminating Company, we don't just help Frisco residents get rid of pests, we provide ongoing services to reduce and eliminate pests. Request a free home estimate to get started. We'll guide you in selecting the right pest control service for your needs and your budget.

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