Warning Signs North Texas Rodents Leave Behind

Do you think you may have rodents in your North Texas home? It can be difficult to tell. Rodents can live in a home without making any noises that you're able to detect. Today, we're going to take a look at some of the warning signs to look for when rodents are being "as quiet as a mouse."

Suspicious Behavior

Is your cat sitting on the floor in your kitchen staring at a gap between your cabinet and the dishwasher? Is your dog pacing and acting funny in the kitchen or pantry? Cats and dogs can hear and smell things that you can't. Long before you realize you have a rodent infestation, your cat or dog will know. But don't expect your pet to solve your infestation. Mice and rats travel through wall voids where cats and dogs can't go. When rodents emerge from your walls, they're likely to come out behind your cabinets or drop down into the backs of drawers. They never have to expose themselves to open spaces where pets can get them.


Are you finding tiny black pellets in the cabinet under your sink? Are you noticing pellets on your pantry shelves? Those little black pellets are mice or rat feces—but, you know that. Here's something you don't know. The droppings left by mice and rats can give you a pretty clear picture of how many rodents are infesting your home, which rodents you're dealing with, and whether or not you have an active infestation. "Really? You can tell all that from rodent poop?" You sure can. Large pellets are likely to be rat droppings and smaller pellets are likely to be mouse droppings. The more pellets you have, the more rodents you have. If the droppings are black and squishy, they're fresh. If they are grey and powdery, they're old. When droppings appear, clean them up and check back in that location to see if more droppings are left. The faster those droppings appear, the more rodents you have.


Rodents chew holes in lots of stuff. They chew holes to get into your home. They chew holes to get into and out of wall voids. They chew holes through furniture covers to create nests inside. They chew holes in food packaging to get to the tasty morsels within. These rodents chew, chew, and chew some more. If you see holes in your home, your belongings, or your food packages, you may have a rodent infestation. But, since many creatures can create holes, you may have to combine this warning sign with another warning sign on our list or reach out to us for an inspection.


When rodents infest a home, they create nests in secluded locations. A common location for rodent nests is the attic. Look for these nests in insulation and inside nooks and crannies. They may also be found inside stored boxes, stored furniture, and in other objects that have a void inside.


The smell of rodent urine can be quite strong. If rodents urinate in the right places, you're not going to be able to ignore it. But a lot of the time they don't. So you're going to have to get down low and smell under your refrigerator, oven, and other large appliances or go up into your attic or down into your basement to have a sniff. The longer rodents infest your home, the more noticeable the aroma is going to be. But by the time it is noticeable, you will have been suffering with the many issues that come with having rodents in the home.

Don't Wait Until You Detect Rodents

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