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In Texas, we encounter problems with spiders quite often. Our climate creates a welcoming enviornment for many spiders, including some dangerous species. That's why it's important to utilize a professional pest control company that can help you achieve and maintain a spider-free home. At Adams Exterminating, we offer one-time spider treatments as well as effective ongoing home pest control plans to protect against spiders. Call today to discuss our spider control services!

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Spider Control For Your Home

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Home is where the heart is, and keeping your family protected from unwelcome visitors, like spiders, is our mission here at Adams Exterminating. Our licensed spider exterminators know the nature of the spiders that we commonly deal with here in Texas. Our 70+ years of pest experience and ongoing training makes us experts in this field. Our spider control specialists will know just where to look for spider activity in and around your home. Once problem areas have been targeted, our pest technicians will be able to recommend the best plan of action. If you are having problems with spiders on your property, don't hesitate to contact us today. Below are the highlights of our effective home pest control plans that will help protect your home and family against pests.

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Are Spiders Considered Dangerous?

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Spiders are considered by many to be a nuisance pest, and even if bitten by a spider, very few have the sufficient amount of venom to have adverse effects on a human. The black widow spider and brown recluse spiders are two species of dangerous spiders that are encountered quite often here in Texas. The venom from these poisonous spiders can cause very serious reactions if left untreated. If bitten by a poisonous spider, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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Can't I Get Rid Of Spiders Myself?

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Getting rid of spiders in your home can be tricky because there are so many potential hiding places for these elusive pests. If misused or applied incorrectly, homeowners may be exposed to over-the-counter pesticides and other treatment products unnecessarily. The trustworthy professionals from Adams Exterminating participate in ongoing training to ensure our techniques are effective and that our applications are performed in the correct manner.

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Why Choose Adams Exterminating?

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Adams is a locally owned and family operated pest control company whose commitment to providing the highest quality pest services has been an ongoing tradition since 1947. This is why we train our technicians extensively in using the latest, industry-proven techniques, which will in turn mean faster, better solutions to your pest problem. Whether your pest problem is big or small, Adams Exterminating can help. Call today for more information about our pest control services!

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