Brief overview of saw-toothed grain beetles

Saw-toothed grain beetles are a species of pantry pest. These pests feed on and destroy dry goods, grains, and cereals. They are commonly found infesting kitchen, pantry and storage areas found in both homes and commercial facilities.

What do saw-toothed grain beetles look like?

Adult saw-toothed grain beetles have a long, flat, narrow body and they are usually brown in color. They are a very small pest, adults only grow to be about 1/10th to 1/8th of an inch in length. Their name comes from the fact that they have six saw-like projections that are found on either side of their thorax. Their larvae have a worm-like appearance; they are slightly smaller than the adult and are yellowish-white in color.

a saw toothed grain beetle in a house in texas

Where am I likely to see saw-toothed grain beetles?

Saw-toothed grain beetles are commonly found invading places like homes, grocery stores, and food packaging or storage facilities. These small beetles infest and feed on broken grains, an infestation by these pests usually originates from a food storage or packing facility. Their small flat bodies allow them to easily move inside food packages. An infestation inside of a home usually occurs when food purchased from the store is already infested with these pests. Saw-toothed grain beetles commonly feed on bread, dry pasta, dry pet food, cereal, sugar, candy, tobacco, nuts, dry fruits, pasta, dry meats, and other pantry items.

Are saw-toothed grain beetles dangerous?

Saw-toothed grain beetles are not considered to be a dangerous pest, they aren’t known to cause any health problems for people, nor do they bite or sting. However, an infestation should quickly be eliminated from any home or business because of their ability to contaminate and damage food sources.

How do I get rid of saw-toothed grain beetles?

The most effective way to eliminate saw-toothed grain beetles from your property is to contact a professional pest control expert at the first sign of their presence around your North Texas property. The professionals found at Adams Exterminating Company have the experience needed to completely eliminate a saw-toothed grain beetle infestation through our affordable, effective, modern pest control treatments for saw-toothed grain beetles. Contact us today for more information about our residential or commercial pest control services and/or for a free quote!


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