A brief overview of rover ants

Rover ants are not an aggressive species but they invade properties in large numbers and are very difficult to control. It is thought that this invasive species was introduced to the U.S. in the late 1970s through New Orleans; since then they have spread throughout the southern United States, including North Texas. They are most active in the spring and summer seasons.

What do rover ants look like?

Rover worker ants are very small ants, with adults only growing to between 1/12th and 1/16th of an inch. They vary in color from pale yellow to blackish-brown. A few of their distinctive characteristics include antennae that are only 9-segmented, instead of 12-segmented like most other types of ants, a hump-like thorax, and eyes that are relatively large compared to the size of their head.

rover ants circled up around a drop of sugar water

Where do rover ants nest?

Outside rover ants typically nest underneath of stones, leaf litter, and landscaping ties. They can also be found nesting in the loose bark found at the bottom of trees and in sandy areas (beaches). Inside they can be found nesting in potted plants, in bathroom and kitchen areas, inside of electrical outlets, underneath shingles, and behind wall voids. Also, rover ants are often attracted to areas inside of homes where moisture and fungal decay is present.

What do rover ants eat?

Rover ants like to feed on tree sap, plant nectars, honeydew (not melons but the liquid aphids and some scale insects secrete), and other sweet liquids. Inside, they will feed on crumbs that they come across including juices and other sweet-tasting liquids they find on counters and floors.

Are rover ants dangerous?

Rover ants are not dangerous to people or pets, they don’t have a stinger and aren’t known to bite. They become nuisance pests when they infest homes and businesses in large numbers.

How do I get rid of rover ants?

Getting rid of rover ants is a difficult task and one best left to a pest control company. If you’ve discovered rover ants in your home or business, contact Adams Exterminating for professional pest control. Offering effective and affordable ant control solutions throughout North Texas, our team can help you eliminate rover ants and keep them out.

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