Brief overview of millipedes

Nocturnal scavengers, millipedes are known for having many legs. Like centipedes, their name is misleading. Millipedes means "thousand leggers" but most species have anywhere from 30–90 pairs of legs. If you do the math, you’ll see they fall far short of the thousand legs.

What do millipedes look like?

Generally speaking, millipedes have worm-like bodies that are black or brown in color. Some may have mottled patterns and some may have bright orange or red markings. All have several pairs of legs.

a long black millipede on a rock in texas

Where do millipedes nest?

Millipedes are frequently found in moist soil and other dark, damp environments. Mulch piles, leaves and grass piles, landscaping ties, and logs are common places to encounter millipedes outside. Inside, millipedes search out places similar to the conditions they prefer outside. Basements and crawl spaces are favored spots because the humidity levels are often high and there’s access to food.

What do millipedes eat?

Millipedes are scavengers and feed on dead leaves and other decaying matter that they come across. They will also consume dead insects.

Are millipedes dangerous?

No, millipedes are not dangerous to people or structures. They are nuisance pests that enter homes and buildings but that don’t cause damage or spread illness.

How do I get rid of millipedes?

If millipedes have become a problem in your structure, contact a pest control company for a professional solution. DIY pest control methods often fail, and if misused, can lead to significant problems. At Adams Exterminating, we offer home pest control services that get rid of millipedes and other pests that frequently infest North Texas homes. We also work with businesses to develop commercial pest management programs that keep pests out. Contact us today for more information!


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