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Brief Overview of Flesh Flies

Flesh flies are a species of fly, which thrives in warm climates. As their name suggests, these flies are attracted to organic materials (particularly rotting organic materials) and require live or dead tissue in order to complete their life cycle. Flesh flies give birth to live larvae, placing the larvae inside carrion, excrement, or inside open wounds, to complete their development.

What do flesh flies look like?

Flesh flies look similar to house flies, but are typically larger and have bright red eyes. Adult flesh flies are light gray in color and have a distinctive checkerboard pattern on top of their abdomen. They have three black stripes running down their thorax and also may have a reddish-colored tip found at the end of their abdomen.

flesh fly up close on leaf
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flesh fly

Where am I likely to see flesh flies?

Flesh flies are attracted to properties that give them easy access to things they need to feed and breed. Properties, which have exposed trash, pet excrement, or compost bins that aren’t being maintained properly, can easily attract flesh flies. Flesh flies are also highly attracted to carrion and can become problematic inside homes after invading a rodent or other small animal, which has died behind a home’s walls or inside a crawl space.

Are flesh flies dangerous?

Flesh flies are typically found living outside, breeding in decaying organic materials, and do not bite people. However, if they do find their way inside a home, it is important to eliminate them as quickly as possible because, as with other species of flies, they have the potential to carry bacteria and parasites on their bodies and legs, which can contaminate food, food prep surfaces, and other areas.

How do I get rid of flesh flies?

The quickest and most effective way to eliminate flesh flies from your property is to contact a professional pest control expert at the first sign of their presence in your North Texas home. The professionals at Adams Exterminating Company have the experience needed to completely eliminate a flesh fly infestation through our affordable, effective, and modern residential pest control services. Contact us today for more information about our pest control services and/or for a free quote!

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