cigarette beetle up close

Brief overview of cigarette beetles

Cigarette beetles are a common type of pantry pest; this means that they that are typically found invading and feeding on dry goods in kitchen and pantry areas. As their name suggests, cigarette beetles are a common pest of dried tobacco.

What do cigarette beetles look like?

Cigarette beetles are oval in shape and have a humped or hunched appearance because their head is bent downward at a right angle. These beetles come in a variety of color options including red, yellow, or brown. Adults are small in size only growing to about 1/10th of an inch in length; they are winged and are very strong fliers. Their larvae are a whitish- yellow color, have a dark brown colored head, and have a body that is similar in appearance to a grub.


Where am I likely to see cigarette beetles?

You are going to find cigarette beetles wherever tobacco and other stored products are being stored. In addition to dried tobacco, they commonly infest items like dry dog food, dried beans, cottonseed, dried fruit, paprika and other dry spices, dried flowers, rice, grains, and nuts. Homes, restaurants, grocery stores, food storage facilities and like places can all become infested with cigarette beetles if their presence is not prevented against.

Are cigarette beetles dangerous?

Cigarette beetles are not dangerous to people, however, they are dangerous to property. They aren’t known to carry any pathogens, and they do not bite or sting. Cigarette beetles inside of homes and other structures can become a huge nuisance and contaminate and damage food and other items like books, book bindings, and stuffed furniture found inside.

How do I get rid of cigarette beetles?

The most effective way to eliminate cigarette beetles from your property is to contact a professional pest control expert at the first sign of their presence in your North Texas property. The professionals at Adams Exterminating Company have the experience needed to completely eliminate a cigarette beetle infestation through our affordable, effective, modern residential pest control services. Contact us today for more information about our residential pest control services and/or for a free quote!

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