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Mosquito Treatments From Adams Exterminating

If you want to enjoy your North Texas backyard without bugs buzzing around your head and biting every inch of exposed skin, mosquito management is a necessity. While the majority of mosquitoes in our region are harmless, there is always the possibility they will transmit diseases through their bites. Fight back against mosquitoes with the help of Adams Exterminating. Our mosquito control options are designed to reduce mosquito populations around your property so you can get out and enjoy your outdoor living space, without the worry of mosquitoes!

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Mosquito Control Services

Backpack Misting

While mosquitoes can be a problem year-round, the months of March-October is known as mosquito season. For monthly mosquito control during this season, you can't go wrong with our backpack misting service. A trained service technician will walk around your property, applying a solution to the areas where mosquitoes are most likely to rest during the day. This misting significantly reduces mosquito populations, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors.

In2Care System

For a year-round solution to the mosquito problems on your property, the In2Care System is an excellent choice. A durable trap that lasts for years, the In2Care mosquito trap can be installed in the areas of your yard where mosquitoes are likely to breed. Female mosquitoes are attracted to the trap where they pick up EPA-approved biological agents that target both adults and larvae.

How Does The In2Care System Work?

In2Care is a system that uses mosquito traps to reduce mosquito populations around your property. The number of traps necessary depends on the size of your property, and a professional service technician from Adams Exterminating does the installation and maintenance. 
The In2Care system uses an EPA-approved biological fungus that is safe for humans and pets, but toxic to mosquitoes—both the adults and the larvae. Mosquitoes are attracted to the trap, and while there, they pick up the bio-agent. When the mosquitoes leave the trap, they spread it to breeding areas where it eliminates larvae. It then kills the adult mosquitoes shortly after.
With In2Care mosquito traps, you'll have a mosquito elimination device working for you 24/7. And with Adams taking care of all the maintenance, you won't have to give it a second thought. It's mosquito control without the fuss.

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One-Time Mosquito Control Services

If you're planning a big outdoor event, make your guests as comfortable as possible with our party package. We'll visit the site of your party or event before the big day and do a one-time treatment of the area to reduce mosquitoes, fire ants, and wasps

Our party package is ideal for:

  • Weddings

  • Family Reunions

  • Team Building Events

  • Graduations

  • Concerts

  • Other Outdoor Parties or Events

Let us help you host a pest-free outdoor event. Give the experts at Adams Exterminating a call to schedule the party package!

Take Back Your Yard With Help From Adams Exterminating

Mosquitoes can make enjoying your outdoor living space impossible. Besides the itchy bites they leave you covered with, they can also threaten your health with a host of mosquito-borne illnesses—from West Nile virus and Zika virus to malaria. Protect your family and take back your yard from pests with the help of Adams Exterminating. Our professional mosquito control services will greatly reduce the mosquito populations on your property, allowing you to get back outside and enjoy your time spent in your backyard. Contact us for more information!


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