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Little Elm is a small Texas town whose residents believe in the balance of work, life, and play. Little Elm is full of friendly people and beautiful scenery, as a good portion of the town is located on the shoreline of Lake Lewisville. To help protect your lakeside home or business from the many pests that also enjoy the plentiful outdoor space that Little Elm provides, the Texas pest control experts at Adams Exterminating Company offer affordable and modern pest control. Some of the many benefits to partnering with us for your residential or commercial pest control needs include our effective pest control services, we are always prompt, and our technicians are friendly, professional and experienced. To learn more about protecting your home or business from the pests found living throughout Texas, reach out to us today.

Residential Pest Control In Little Elm, TX

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Implementing professional pest control services in your Little Elm home provides many different benefits to you, your family, and home. Some of these benefits include:

  • Professional pest control services stop pests from causing damage to the structure of your home and personal property.

  • They protect your family from the disease, bacteria, and parasites that pests can introduce into your home.

  • They help to protect your family’s food from being contaminated.

  • Professional pest control services give you peace of mind to knowing that you won’t be sharing your home with uninvited guests.

To provide the services needed to protect your Little Elm home and family from pests, Adams Exterminating Company offers three different home pest control programs that were specifically designed to meet the needs of Texas homeowners. Our Perimeter, Home Guardian, and Home Guardian+ programs all offer the continual services needed to stop pests from being able to live inside your home and they keep new pests from finding their way inside. To learn the specific details of each of our residential pest control programs, give us a call and speak with one of our helpful professionals.

Common Cockroaches In Little Elm, TX And The Problems They Cause

Just saying the word “cockroach” out loud can make the hairs on most people's arms stand up. Cockroaches are not pests that anyone wants to have living inside their Little Elm home or business. The three most common species of cockroaches that Little Elm residents need to be on the lookout for are:

Each cockroach has its own unique features, but something that they all have in common is the many problems that they can cause for people.

Some of the many problems that cockroaches create when living inside Little Elm homes and businesses are listed below:

  • Allergens found in cockroach feces and saliva can create an allergic reaction or trigger an asthma attack in people, this is especially true for children.

  • Cockroaches spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria including Salmonella and E. coli.

  • Cockroaches spread parasitic worms and many human pathogens.

  • Cockroaches contaminate food and food prep areas with their saliva and excrement.

  • Cockroaches are highly invasive and prolific breeders that can be impossible to eliminate without the help of a professional.

To help you eliminate any problems these dangerous and invasive pests cause, turn to the pest control experts at Adams Exterminating Company. One of our professionals will come to your property, identify the cockroaches found inside, and put into place a treatment plan to eliminate them completely.
To learn more about our cockroach control services, give us a call!

Commercial Pest Control In Little Elm, TX

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Protect the reputation of your Little Elm business by implementing a commercial pest control solution from the dedicated, local professionals at Adams Exterminating Company. At Adams, we understand Texas pests and we know how to keep them out of your business and away from your commercial facility, customers, and employees.
We begin by performing a thorough inspection of your facility. Then, we create a customized treatment solution that is specific to your unique business and industry. And finally, after the inspection and the initial treatment of the interior and exterior of your commercial facility is completed, our professionals return regularly to provide exterior treatments.
An additional benefit to choosing Adams for your commercial pest control needs is our Pestpac mobile service. Pestpac mobile allows you to see when our techs serviced your property, where they treated, and what products or materials they have used. Reach out to us to begin a long-term partnership that will keep pests out of your Little Elm business.

Tips To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Little Elm, TX

Mosquitoes are annoying, dangerous pests that are found living and breeding throughout Little Elm, TX. In order to help minimize you and your family’s exposure to mosquitoes our professionals would like to offer some helpful prevention tips:

  • Reduce areas of standing water on your property that female mosquitoes could lay their eggs on.

  • Make sure that gutters are clear. Regularly change out water in wading pools, pet dishes, and bird baths. Store containers that can collect water upside down when they are not being used.

  • Keep grass on your property cut short, and reduce areas of overgrown vegetation. Mosquitoes like to hide in both during the heat of the day.

  • Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, so avoid spending time outside during those periods of time.

  • Mosquitoes are not strong fliers, so utilizing outdoor fans can help to keep these pests at bay.

While the above tips are helpful to control mosquito numbers living on your Little Elm property, the easiest and most effective way to control these biting pests is to put into place a professional mosquito control service. Our mosquito control options include:

  • Seasonal mosquito service

  • Party package

Each of these services can provide you with the services needed to meet your mosquito control needs. To learn which service is the right choice for your Little Elm property, reach out to the Texas mosquito control experts at Adams Exterminating Company.


home guardian planHOME GUARDIAN
Pest & Termite Control

If you have ants in the house, roaches under the dishwasher and other pests trying to take up residence inside your home and among your family, you might consider our Home Guardian program.  Designed to eliminate common house-infesting pests with exterior services every other month, this residential pest and termite program also includes termite monitoring to stop these wood-destroying insects from damaging your home and hurting your wallet.   

  • Service Every Other Month
  • 6 Exterior Services
  • Interior Service & Guarantee
  • Exterior Spider Web Removal
  • Exterior Wasp & Hornet Control
    (Up to 15 feet off the ground)
  • Exterior Fire Ant Control
  • Sentricon Termite Monitoring
  • Termite Service Warranty

STARTING AT $60*/month

*Pricing based on house size, lot size, and other factors and does not include initial service and/or installation fees.

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