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Let's talk about Rat control in denton

Home should be a safe place to relax with friends and family or enjoy a get-together over food and drinks. Unfortunately, pests like rats can find their way into your home, making life unpleasant. When that happens, it's time for you to seek professional pest control in Denton.

Rat control is something most homeowners have thought of at one time or another; signs of rats can cause panic in the stoutest hearts. Regrettably, rats are common pests that can enter homes through very small spaces, requiring little space to make their way inside buildings. Once inside, they'll make themselves at home and nest, breeding until you have a big problem on your hands.

Rodents bring with them property damage and, in some cases, serious illnesses, so it's important to find pest control in Denton to get rid of rats as quickly as possible. 

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at rats, how they get into homes, the many problems they bring with them, how to identify a rat infestation in the making, and why professional treatment is always the best solution when it comes to rats. 

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All The Problems Rats Can Create In Your House

Rodents are a natural part of the ecosystem, but it spells trouble when they find their way into your home. If you were wondering where rats live, they usually like to set up nests in cluttered closets, damp basements, attics, or hidden around the plumbing. 

A home can quickly develop a rat infestation if the presence of rats goes undetected or untreated. When rats take over, they can expose family members and pets to bacteria, potentially life-threatening diseases, and wanton property damage. So, you might be curious, what diseases do rats carry?

Rats can pass on the following diseases:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
  • Meningitis
  • Tularemia
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Why Choose Adams Exterminating?

  • Trained Entomologists & Service Technicians
    Our team brings a deep understanding of insect biology and behavior to create targeted pest control strategies. We're equipped with the latest techniques and technologies to effectively eliminate pests.
  • Customized Plans for Every Budget
    Recognizing that each space is different, we customize pest control services for every home or business. Our approach involves targeted solutions, addressing specific needs for your environment.
  • Trusted in the Community Since 1947
    With a legacy dating back to 1947, our pest control company brings decades of experience with a proven track record to keep your space critter-free.
  • Locally Owned & Operated
    As a locally owned business with offices in both Denton and Lewisville, we are rooted in the community and dedicated to serving our neighbors with personalized service.

How To Make Your Property Less Inviting To Rats 

Because rats can squeeze through gaps or cracks around windows or doors, follow and chew on electrical wiring, or gnaw through wood, it's not hard for them to gain entry into your abode. Rats are motivated to intrude into your home because they are searching for food, warmth, and a place to nest and reproduce.

Once you contact a professional pest control service in Denton, an expert can do a walk-through of your property. If you worry that there are rats in your walls, kitchen, or attic, a local pest control professional can examine vents, holes or cracks in the foundation, walls, or roof. It pays to keep your property clean and in good repair to reduce the chances of a rat infestation.

The best pest control for rodents starts with prevention. Rodents invade homes and commercial spaces for three principal reasons: food, water, and shelter. Therefore, your approach to deterring them should hinge on minimizing these factors as much as possible.

However, knowing how to keep rats away can be difficult without knowing what attracts them to your home, and once you're able to figure this out, you're partway to being able to keep them out of your home entirely.

Here are a few tips to help make your property less inviting to rats:

  • Clean up any spilled food or drinks immediately.
  • Place leftover food in airtight containers or into the refrigerator and store pet food in containers.
  • Put garbage into bins with lids and place outside regularly.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in the outside of your home and replace weather stripping around windows.
  • Repair leaking pipes and unclog drains, eliminate any sites in which water accumulates. Additionally, make sure attics and crawlspaces are free of moisture and dry.
  • Make sure landscaping is cut back from the house and store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home.
  • Put screens over vents and openings to chimneys and install door sweeps on doors leading outside. Repair any damaged screens.
  • Vacuum and clean your home regularly. 
  • Keep your home clear of any potential rodent nesting materials, like paper products or boxes that aren’t in use.
  • Remove outdoor food and water sources, such as bird feeders, and keep any pools or fountains clean and running properly.
  • Don’t let moisture issues develop around your home, and repair them as necessary. 
  • Fix your exterior doors and windows with screens to prevent rodents coming inside.
  • Trim tree limbs away from your roofline and cut shrubbery away from your home’s exterior to prevent rodents using these areas as bridges onto your home. 

These tips will help prevent a rodent infestation, but they aren't completely foolproof. If you find signs of a rat infestation, contacting a professional pest service is your best option in eliminating the rodent population before it takes hold.


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  • If your company puts out rodent poison at my house, will a rat die inside?
    Yes, this is a possibility. Ideally, we prefer to use traps on the inside and in the attic, and then place rodent poison in protected stations on the exterior (which could reduce the likelihood of having a rodent die inside). However, anytime a rodenticide is used, there is always a threat that a rat or mouse could die on the inside. If the dead rodent can be located and removed, this will fix the smell. Otherwise, we sell odor control products to help with unpleasant smells should this unfortunately occur.
  • Are your services guaranteed?
    We pride ourselves in offering services that solve your pest control problems. Many of our treatments are backed with a service guarantee, so if the problem persists, we will be back to treat again at no extra charge. We plan to continue our trend the impeccable service which resulted in an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • How many years have you been in business?
    We are a family owned, locally operated pest control company that has been in business since 1947. For over 75 years, our company has expanded its service area while continuing to provide exceptional customer service.
  • I have a baby/toddler… is it safe to have treatment?
    While the products we use are toxic to insects, they pose almost no serious risk to people when used properly. However, it is always advisable to be careful when using chemicals around small children, including pesticides. If you have a small child, we recommend staying away from the treatment area while the service is being performed and then wait until the product has dried.

The Most Effective Rat Control For Your Home

A rat infestation in your home is no laughing matter. Have a local pest control service in Denton come to the rescue with eco-friendly rat control treatment. You shouldn't suffer or struggle alone to eradicate a rat infestation. Call Adams Exterminating Company to help get rats out of your house without a hassle.

If rats have managed to invade the sanctuary of your home, contacting a professional family-owned and operated company like Adams Exterminating Company can provide a safe and effective method to get rid of rats. For over five decades, Adams Exterminating Company has served the people of Denton, Mississippi, to clear out pests. We provide clients with a free home inspection and use eco-friendly solutions to treat the interior and exterior of properties for long-term pest control. Contact Adams Exterminating Company today for your free rodent control estimate.

When looking for rat pest control in Denton, look for a company that will fit both your needs and your budget. Adams Exterminating Company understands that every home is different and offers affordable home pest control solutions designed to tackle your toughest pest problems. We offer no obligation, free estimates. Contact us to find out how we can eliminate dangerous rodents and make your home safe for your family for years to come.

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