Keep Your Frisco Business Pest-Free

You may think that your Frisco business is safe from pests, but for Texas healthcare facilities, there are a couple of dangerous critters you’ve got to watch out for, including:

  • Pharaoh ants: If there is one ant species that has become a problem for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, it’s Pharaoh ants. These ants are tinier than other species, and they also can transmit dangerous bacteria to patients.

  • Fruit flies: You might be used to them lingering around rotting fruit, but fruit flies aren’t shy about invading Frisco businesses, especially during the warmer months.

  • Bed bugs: With flat, oval-shaped bodies, bed bugs may look harmless – but these tiny parasites get around by hitching rides with travelers and are always a concern in any business where people are frequently coming and going.

  • Rats: In a hospital or doctor’s office, rats can do a lot of damage, and they can also spread numerous diseases.

  • Cockroaches: With oily bodies and spiny legs, cockroaches can thrive in almost any environment – including a healthcare facility.

Pest problems are a concern for any business, but they’re especially troubling for healthcare facilities that rely on sterile environments. Here’s what Frisco business owners should know about the problems that these pests can cause in sensitive environments, what a professional pest service can do to protect your business and patients, and how to deal with an existing pest problem in your Frisco business.

What Kind Of Problems Can Pests Cause In Healthcare Facilities?

With each pest comes a new set of problems for your Frisco business. Here’s how dangerous these pests can be for you, your staff, and your patients.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants may look tiny, but they can be problematic in a couple of different ways. Not only can their colonies grow into the thousands, but they can transmit bacteria like streptococcus or salmonellosis too. In hospitals or doctor’s offices, pharaoh ants have been known to infest IV tubing, incubators, and other sensitive items that can become dangerous for patients.

Fruit Flies

While they may start off annoying your staff in the cafeteria, fruit flies can become especially dangerous once they venture into sterile or sensitive areas. In hospitals, fruit fly infestations can even shut down surgeries and operating rooms. In addition to carrying dangerous bacteria that may harm patients or staff, there are even reports of these flies laying their eggs in open wounds.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be especially troublesome in healthcare facilities. You may have staff or patients constantly coming and going, and it only takes one patient or employee to bring in bed bugs. These parasites aren’t shy about biting patients or staff and may leave swollen, red marks behind.


Rats are one of the most destructive and dangerous pests that you can have in your healthcare facility. Not only can they spread dangerous diseases like tularemia or hantavirus to patients and staff, but they can also chew through IV tubing, electrical wires, and other sensitive (and expensive) equipment.


It’s not unusual for cockroaches to hitchhike on someone’s belongings and end up in a healthcare facility. Once they’ve made it inside, they may contaminate your business with salmonellosis, streptococcus, or staphylococcus. And, for people that have asthma or allergies, roach droppings, saliva, and discarded skin can exacerbate these symptoms.

How Adams Exterminating Company Can Protect Your Patients & Staff

For business owners, getting rid of pests is often an urgent and dangerous matter – and that’s exactly how we treat it at Adams Exterminating Company with our commercial pest control services.

At our first visit, we’ll complete a thorough inspection to determine the extent of your pest problem and the damage that’s already been done. From there, our experienced professionals will devise an individualized and effective treatment plan that fits the needs of your business. Our job isn’t done until your business is entirely pest-free. After successfully servicing over 10,000 businesses, our reputable track record speaks for itself.

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Pests are never good news, but for healthcare facilities, every second that you’ve got a pest infestation can put you and your patients at risk. If you think your business is dealing with a pest problem, there’s no time to waste. Contact us at Adams Exterminating Company to request your free quote or schedule an inspection for your Frisco business.

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