Just How Dangerous Are The Scorpions In Lewisville?

According to entomologists, there are 18 scorpion species in the Great State of Texas but only a few of them present a pest problem. Of the few that commonly create a problem in Lewisville, none are considered dangerous, though a sting from a scorpion can be very unpleasant. Today, we're going to take a look at a few common questions we get about Lewisville scorpions and talk about how you can get them out of your home.

Can a scorpion kill a human?

Yes. Just as a bee sting can be fatal, a scorpion sting can be fatal to certain individuals. There is also one scorpion in Texas that can deliver a very potent venom that can be extremely dangerous. What is this dangerous Texas scorpion? It is called a striped bark scorpion. Fortunately, there are fewer than two dozen confirmed sightings of bark scorpions in the entire state. You probably don't have too much to worry about. But it is wise to become familiar with this species of scorpion, just in case you're the next person to confirm a sighting.

Do scorpions infest houses?

Not generally. Scorpions prefer to be outside but they can get inside by accident. When they do, they can be startling houseguests. Nothing can make your heart stop faster than when you lift a piece of clothing from the floor and find a scorpion underneath.

What happens if you get bitten by a scorpion?

If you get bitten by a scorpion in Lewisville, should you be worried? It is always wise to err on the side of caution. If a scorpion bites you or someone you love, seek medical attention to reduce the symptoms.

Why do scorpions get into homes?

When conditions outside are unfavorable, scorpions can be driven inside. A common condition that will have these stinging pests entering your Lewisville home is high and prolonged heat. We've had a few mild summers over the past few years but this summer has been closer to normal and scorpions have taken notice of the heat. It is a good idea to be cautious this winter as it is possible that scorpions got into your home during the summer.

How do you tell if you have scorpions?

You may have some success by going into dark areas of your home and shining an ultraviolet light. This will illuminate the exoskeleton of scorpions. It is best to do this at night because scorpions are generally nocturnal by nature.

How do scorpions get inside?

These insects get into your home in the same way many other common household pests get in.

  • They'll slip under an exterior door that has no door sweep.
  • They'll enter in through gasps in weatherstripping.
  • They'll take advantage of gaps around pipes, wire conduit, door and window frames, and wall penetrations.
  • They'll squeeze in through cracks in foundation walls and cracks in mortar.
  • Sometimes scorpions are accidentally carried in. They can get into items that are sitting in your yard and hitch a ride inside.

How do I prevent scorpion problems?

  • Inspect the outside of your home and seal the possible entry points listed above. Keep in mind that it doesn't take much of a gap for scorpions to get inside.
  • Move woodpiles and organic debris away from your exterior walls; these are attractive hiding places for scorpions.
  • Remove lawn clutter. Scorpions can hide under many man-made items to hide from the hot sun. Stowing these items away can help to reduce scorpion activity.
  • Remove puddles and other water sources from your property.

What do you do about scorpions in Lewisville?

If you find scorpions in your Lewisville home, it is a good idea to call Adams Exterminating Company immediately. We will dispatch a licensed pest control professional to come, inspect your home and offer treatment to eliminate the scorpions that have invaded. If you're noticing scorpions in your yard and you don't believe they've gotten in yet, it might be time to invest in a residential pest control plan. We offer residential pest control programs that give coverage for scorpions. Reach out to us today if you have questions or if you'd like to schedule service. We're here to help.

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