How To Keep The Scorpions In North Texas Off Your Property

What do scorpions eat? How long do scorpions live? Combating scorpions in North Texas can come with plenty of questions for local residents. Here's what homeowners should know about the types of scorpions they may encounter, how you can accidentally attract them, six interesting scorpion facts to know, and how pest control in North Texas can help you get rid of them permanently.

Types Of Scorpions In North Texas

There are a couple of common types of scorpions in Texas, such as: 

  • Striped bark scorpion: As the most common type of scorpion in Texas, the striped bark scorpion is a likely sight for North Texas residents. With a long, slender body and two-tone coloring, this scorpion has a dark abdomen with pale yellow pincers, legs, and tail. It is also one of the most venomous scorpions in Texas. 

  • Wind scorpion: Most commonly seen in desert areas of North Texas, wind scorpions grow about two inches in length and tend to be aggressive if you try to pick them up or interact with them. 

  • Texas cave scorpion: While they're less common in residential areas, the Texas cave scorpion has dark coloring and can pack a painful sting. 

  • Lindo scorpion: Also called the digging scorpion, Lindo scorpions are a rare sight because they prefer digging into sand and burrowing underground. 

Are scorpions dangerous? Although all of the scorpions on this list are capable of stinging you if provoked, none of them are particularly dangerous unless you're allergic. A scorpion sting may swell and cause pain that lasts for several hours, but most of the scorpions in North Texas aren't capable of lasting damage.

Are scorpions aggressive? While most scorpions won't go out of their way to seek you out and sting you, many species will sting if you get too close or try to pick them up.

Don't Accidentally Attract Scorpions

You may not realize it, but you could be accidentally attracting scorpions to your North Texas property. Some of the biggest attractions that will lure scorpions into residential yards or homes include:

  • Moisture: Like many pests, scorpions need water, so excess moisture can attract them to your home. Leaky pipes, faucets, bathrooms, or kitchens can all serve as potential water sources for scorpions.

  • Pest prey: Scorpions eat insects and other pest prey, so if your property has an existing pest problem, you may also be more likely to deal with scorpions.

  • Dark cracks and crevices: Scorpions hide in dark cracks and crevices, like under rocks, leaves, in closets, or garages. If your home has spaces to hide, scorpions may take advantage.

While it is not a guarantee, eliminating excess moisture, pest prey, and hiding spaces can help minimize your risk of attracting scorpions in your home.

Six Facts About Scorpions You Probably Didn't Know

Besides appearance and what attracts them to properties, here are some other must-know facts about the scorpions in North Texas:

  1. Scorpions may enjoy eating insects, but they aren't insects themselves. Scorpions are arachnids belonging to the same family as spiders and ticks. 

  2. Many adult scorpions have fluorescent chemicals in their exoskeleton, making them glow under U.V. light. This can protect scorpions from harsh sunlight and help them find each other, but if you've got a U.V. light and are worried you may have scorpions hiding out, you can also use this trait to your advantage. 

  3. While scorpions try to feed every few weeks if they can, their low metabolic rates mean that many species can live up to a year without a meal. 

  4. Unlike many other arachnids, scorpions have long lifespans that can last anywhere from two to ten years, if not more. 

  5. The most venomous scorpion in the country is the Arizona bark scorpion, and without treatment, this scorpion's venom can be fatal to some people. 

  6. Scorpions are primarily nocturnal, so they're usually hiding during the day and come out at night to do their hunting.

Total Scorpion Control For North Texas Residents

What keeps scorpions away? While you can limit some of the attractions that may lure scorpions to your home in North Texas, the best way to control these pests is by working with a pest control company like Adams Exterminating Company. With prompt home pest control service and excellent customer service, we've been trusted by more than 10,000 homes and businesses in the North Texas area.

Don't wait any longer if you see scorpions around your property or worry that you may have an infestation. Contact us today at Adams Exterminating Company to learn more about how our scorpion control services can help you keep your North Texas home scorpion-free.

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