How Lewisville Residents Can Keep Their Homes Ant-Free Year-Round

We have a lot of ants in North Texas. Not just individual ants, which may total in the billions, but also types of ants. You've probably heard of them. We have acrobat ants, odorous house ants, pharaoh ants, rover ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, and many more. There are so many ants in North Texas, it is often hard for homeowners to figure out what ants they're dealing with, even when there are photos on the internet. If you've ever fought with an ant problem or you're fighting with an ant problem right now, it isn't surprising. But, there is a way to significantly reduce your chances of dealing with an ant problem in your home.

5 Ant Prevention Tips To Be Ant-Free

1. Moisture Control

Many of the ant pests that drive us crazy inside our Texas homes are drawn to areas of high moisture. Before they get into your home, they'll encroach upon damp areas around your foundation perimeter. Everything you do to reduce moisture and standing water will help to reduce ant populations near your home.

  • Fix damaged or obstructed gutter systems that allow water to run down the side of your home and saturate your perimeter.
  • Fix damaged exterior spigots, hoses, and other plumbing.

  • Trim bushes and tree branches to allow the sun to dry your perimeter. The trimming of bushes also creates better airflow, which promotes a drier environment.

2. Wood

Ants love wood scraps and other wood debris. It is a good idea to keep all wood products away from the walls of your home and out from underneath decks and patios. If you have stacks of wood near your home, consider moving them at least 20ft away and elevating it to prevent attracting ants, especially carpenter ants.

3. Seal Things Up

If ants explore your exterior walls, it is important that they don't find a hole to climb in through. Inspect your foundation walls and seal any cracks you see. Inspect your outside walls and fill in any holes. Pay close attention around window and door frames. Damaged weather stripping and door sweeps are a common entry for a wide range of pests, not just ants.

4. Remove The Food

Ants eat a wide variety of foods. Some food sources can be removed or protected, such as exposed trash or pet food dishes. Some food sources are hard to remove or are not preferable to remove, such as fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetable gardens, and plants. Any plants in your landscaping can be attractive to ants because they are attractive to scales, aphids, and whiteflies. These insects and the honeydew they produce are food for ants. You're probably not going to want to remove those pretty plants, bushes, and trees. But you don't have to. With routine pest control treatments, you can reduce the insect populations in these areas. This will work to reduce ant populations as well.

5. Routine Service

When you add Perimeter, Home Guardian, or Home Guardian + to your pest control plan for your Lewisville home, not only do you get insect reduction for your landscaping, you get targeted control for pests like the red imported fire ant. Fire ant control is included in all of the residential pest control programs we offer.

Year-round pest control from Adams Exterminating comes with 6 exterior services, interior service if needed, spider web removal, wasp and hornet nest removal, and more. This is an essential service that works to protect your health and your property. Protecting your home from nuisance ants is just an additional benefit!

Carpenter Ants

Not all ants are a mere nuisance. For example, carpenter ants can destroy your property by creating galleries inside wood to establish their nests. Routine pest control service that reduces insects in your landscaping will remove the primary food source that carpenter ants eat. If that isn't enough, your service also comes with routine inspections. Your pest professional knows the warning signs of carpenter ant infestation and what conditions are conducive to carpenter ant activity. If there is ever a problem, you'll know about it.

Get Rid Of Ants With Adams Exterminating

If you've never invested in residential pest control service for your Lewisville home, don't wait another day. Pests can bite, sting, spread illnesses, damage your belongings, and eat away at your equity. Get plugged into a pest control program today. It is essential protection every Texas home should have. For more information, contact us at Adams Exterminating Company!

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