German Cockroaches' Impact On The Restaurant Industry

The German cockroach is widely considered to be the most established cockroaches in the entire world, and for good reason! Of all the roaches that get into man-made structures, German cockroaches are the most successful. They are much smaller than other roaches, which gives them easier access to food, and they don't require as much moisture as other roaches, allowing them to stay inside continually. Since they are so adaptable to living within human structures, they are afforded the protection of the warmth we generate through the cold winters. This allows them to grow their populations all year long. So, when these cockroaches get into a restaurant, they quickly become a serious problem.

8 Reasons German Cockroaches Are A Threat

  • Access: An adult German cockroach grows to between ⅝ of an inch and ½ an inch. But, before it gets to this small size, it is even smaller. Nymphs are tiny enough to fit through the hole on an electrical outlet or slip easily through a gap on a cardboard box. As adults, they are able to chew their way into cardboard boxes, and their size no longer matters.

  • Illness: German cockroaches get into some very nasty places. They are as comfortable on the rim of a toilet as they are in a silverware drawer. For this reason, they can transport harmful bacteria from drains, trash cans, toilets, and other dirty places to food prep surfaces, plates, utensils, foods, and more. This can lead to sickness for employees and customers. Cockroaches are linked to several bacteria-related illnesses including gastroenteritis, food poisoning, enteric fever, typhoid fever, diarrhea, giardia, listeriosis, Cholera, E.coli, and dysentery.

  • Allergens: The excrement and shed skins of German cockroaches cause an allergic response in most people. Symptoms of allergic reaction include congestion, skin rash, watery eyes, sneezing, and asthma. When German cockroaches get into air ducts and ventilation systems, these allergens can become airborne.

  • Pheromones: German cockroaches increase their populations quickly, and as population levels increase, the pheromone scent these roaches produce becomes quite noticeable. But, beyond the unwelcome odor, these pheromones can taint food and cause food to have a foul taste.

  • Employee Impact: The presence of German cockroaches within a restaurant can have a demoralizing effect on employees and lead to a decrease in productivity, and the illnesses listed above leads to an increase in employee absenteeism.

  • Customer Impact: Since German cockroaches reproduce so quickly, and are tiny enough to gain access to every location within in a restaurant, it doesn't take long for customers to start seeing them. There was a time when this would only lead to the loss of one customer, but we live in an age of online reviews, and almost everyone has a smartphone. Reviews can make or break a business.

  • Litigation: If cockroaches are present in a restaurant, it opens the opportunity for customers to bring a lawsuit--even if they don't get sick from the food served.

  • Failed Inspection: There are few conditions that can cause a government inspection to fail quicker than the presence of cockroaches. At worst, this can lead to a complete closure of the restaurant and permanent damage to the reputation of the business.

How To Avoid All Of The Problems Listed Above 

German cockroaches are notoriously difficult to eradicate, and a difficult pest to exclude without an education in the entomology of these insects, and training in modern pest control methods. Fortunately, the professional pest control technicians here at Adams Exterminating Company have both. Our team is trained to tackle a wide range of commercial pest control threats, including German cockroaches. 

We've been serving North Texas since 1947, and we've learned a lot in those 7 decades. We'll help you establish an ongoing pest management plan that will address all of the restaurant pests that can come in and hurt your bottom line. And you'll always get friendly service and up-to-day accounting on the pest pressures in and around your business. 

For more information, or to schedule a free estimate, reach out to us. You've worked too hard on your business to let it go to the cockroaches, other bugs, and rodents. Get your protection plan in place today.

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