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Frisco is a fast growing Texas city, whose community serves as a retreat for many people that work in the bustling, high energy Dallas-Fort Worth area. This suburban development prides itself in taking good care of both its residents and the environment. At Adams Exterminating Company we have very similar goals, we always aim to take care of our customers, providing them with the services needed to maintain a pest-free environment in a very eco-friendly way. With our reasonably priced plans, you will never again have to deal with North Texas pests invading your home or business and negatively affecting your family’s, customers', or employees' quality of life. To learn more about implementing any of our comprehensive pest control services into your Frisco home or business, contact us today!

Residential Pest Control In Frisco, TX

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Adams Exterminating Company is a family owned business, and we aim to treat each of our customers as if they are part of our own family. We take the task of protecting Frisco homes and families from potentially dangerous and damaging pests very seriously, and will provide the affordable, comprehensive services needed to completely eliminate pests, protecting both people and property! At Adams Exterminating we have three different year-round home pest control solutions for our homeowners to choose from, whatever your home’s and family’s unique needs may be we have an effective solution available. Our year-round protection options provide homeowners with every other month visits and include:
  • Perimeter Pest Control: This plan includes general pest control services.
  • Home Guardian: This plan offers general pest control services and termite control.
  • Home Guardian + : This comprehensive plan includes general pest control, termite control and mosquito control services.

Types of Rodents Commonly Found in Frisco, TX

Rodents are very problematic pests to have living inside of your Frisco residential or commercial property. Rodents can become a problem any time of the year but can be even more of a nuisance during the cooler months of the year when they are searching for a consistently warm and safe place to live. Rodents have the ability to introduce health risks to people and pets, contaminate food and food prep areas with urine, feces, and saliva, cause destruction to personal items and damage the structure of the homes or businesses they are invading by chewing through wires, drywall, pipes, and other structural elements. The types of rodents that usually cause trouble in our area of Texas include the house mouse, the roof rat, and the Norway rat. To keep both rats and mice out of your home or business, the pros at Adams Exterminating have developed highly effective solutions to help prevent or eliminate rodent infestations. Our year-round pest control programs, in addition to protecting homes from insects, provide the services needed to protect your home from being invaded by mice and rats. We also offer stand-alone rodent control services for homes and businesses which rid properties of rodents with customized treatment solutions that may include the use of baits, traps, and exclusion techniques. Contact us today to learn more about our professional rodent control services.

Commercial Pest Control Services In Frisco, TX

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At Adams Exterminating Company we have a deep understanding of local pests; what they are, where they live, what they eat, and how to keep them out of your Frisco business! To begin meeting the goal of making your facility a pest-free facility, one of our highly trained and friendly professionals will:
  • Come to your facility and complete a thorough inspection of exterior and interior spaces.
  • Create a custom treatment solution that meets the specific needs and requirements of your company and industry.
  • Schedule regular service visits to treat the exterior of your facility on a routine basis, stopping pests from being able to enter in the future.
  • Set you up with our PestPac mobile service which allows you to see when the techs serviced your property, where they treated, and what products or materials they used.
Give us a call to learn more about our commercial pest control services and how we can work together to keep pests out and keep your customers coming back year after year!

Termite Prevention Tips for Frisco, TX Residents

Termites are found living throughout Texas where they have the potential to enter into any unprotected structure to feed on its structural wood. Termites work day and night throughout the entire year, and if they are not stopped the damage that they can cause can be catastrophic to the structure of the home or other building that they are invading. To protect your Frisco property from termites, turn to the experts at Adams Exterminating Company. Our professionals have a deep understanding of termites and how to quickly eliminate them from any property. To both eliminate termites from and protect your property from future termite invasions we highly recommend installing the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, the #1 brand in termite protection, onto your Frisco property.  Sentricon® with Always Active™ is extremely effective and works to eliminate every member of the colony; it is also environmentally friendly as it uses only a few grams of the active ingredient and no chemicals are ever introduced into the soil or groundwater. In addition to installing the Sentricon® with Always Active™, the following tips can help to prevent termites from invading your Frisco property:
  • Reduce moisture around your home by making sure that gutters are installed properly, remain unclogged, and are working to direct water away from the outside of your home.
  • Reduce humidity levels inside of your home by installing a dehumidifier in the basement, and by making sure that crawl spaces are properly ventilated.
  • Remove piles of leaves, grass clippings, sticks, and fallen trees from your property.
  • Leave a barrier of rocks or stones between any mulch or grass and your home’s foundation.
  • Schedule regular termite inspection from the pros found at Adams Exterminating Company.
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