Four No-Sweat Tick-Prevention Tips For Frisco Property Owners

Ticks can be a serious health concern for families in the Frisco area, and there is no shortage of websites offering tick solutions. These solutions are often labor-intensive and they ultimately leave families still exposed to the threat of tick diseases. Well, we have four no-sweat tick prevention tips that can help you protect yourself and those you love from tick diseases.

1. A Few Small Changes

It doesn't take a lot of work to add tick prevention into your life. You just need to be willing to make a few changes. Most of these are fairly easy to do.

Consider wearing bright colors. Why? Because bright colors help you to see tiny ticks as they crawl up your body—and they will climb up your body. Ticks don't drop from trees or spring onto you as you walk by. They cling to you and climb up.

Avoid tall grass. Why? Because ticks climb to the top of grass blades and wait for a host to pass by. They hold their front appendages up and cling. If you avoid tall grass, you can reduce your chances of picking up a tick.

Apply mosquito repellent to your legs. Why? Because ticks don't like mosquito repellent. As they climb up your legs, they're likely to detach and fall off if you have repellent on your skin or clothing.

Tuck your pants in. Why? It might look foolish but ticks are looking for skin to attach to. If you make them crawl all the way up your body to get a blood meal, you'll have a better chance of seeing them.

2. Protect Your Pets And Yourself

You are probably already aware that ticks can be a threat to your pets, and it is likely that we don't have to tell you that your pets can bring ticks in from the outside. But what you might not know is that collars aren't an end-all solution for tick prevention, nor are collars right for every pet or every family. You should seek the assistance of a veterinarian to find the right solutions. Also consider these prevention tips for your pets.

Check for ticks. Why? Early detection of ticks can prevent the spread of disease to your pet, and also allow you to dispose of ticks before they go from your pet to you or someone else. Check the ears and between the toes of your pets. This is where ticks are most likely to attach. Run your fingers through your pet's hair or fur and feel for bumps on the skin.

Create a fenced-in play area. Why? If you have dogs that play outside, they can bring ticks in from your landscaping, tree line, and other potential tick habitats. By creating a play area, you contain your dog to a tick-restricted area, and you prevent wildlife from bringing ticks into this area.

3. Do More Of What You're Already Doing

There are many things you do as part of your home maintenance. Some of what you do can reduce ticks around your home. While not necessarily easy, we add these tips because you're probably already doing some of them to some extent.

Get your gutters cleaned. Why? A clogged gutter or broken gutter system can create oversaturation near your home and give ticks (and many other pests) an environment that is humid enough for them to survive and develop.

Trim landscape vegetation and remove unnecessary vegetation. Why? Wildlife prefers to explore landscaping that provides hiding places. Mice, rats, and other animals drop ticks as they go from hiding place to hiding place. Trimming and removing vegetation also allows for better airflow and dry topsoil, which is tick resistant.

4. Invest In Tick Reduction

It doesn't take any effort at all to contact a licensed professional and invest in a residential pest control plan that gives you coverage for ticks. There is no better way to reduce and control ticks than to have routine barrier treatments around your home. If you live in Frisco, we can help you with this.

If you're curious about how we can help you get control of ticks around your home, connect with us today. We're here to assist you with all your pest control needs.

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