Five Easy Ways To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Frisco Property

Scorpions in Frisco, Texas can present a serious threat to you and your family. If the wrong scorpion gets in and stings your child, it can lead to a mad rush to the hospital. The problem with scorpions that get in is that they are likely to be bark scorpions, which have a very strong venom. Bark scorpions scale trees and are naturally inclined to scale homes. They squeeze into gaps between rocks and into the cracks of boulders, so it is natural for them to squeeze into a crack in your foundation. In your yard, scorpions hide under things. They'll do the same in your home. Flipping a pillow over or picking up a blanket or clothing item from the floor can bring you in close contact with a scorpion. While scorpions are a fact of life in Frisco, they don't have to be a fact of your life. There are ways you can reduce scorpion activity around your home and prevent scorpions from getting inside. Here are five easy-to-understand scorpion-prevention tips that will help you protect yourself and your family from scorpion stings.

1. Yard Maintenance

If you have leaves, sticks, wood, rocks, or other organic matter around your home, you will invite scorpions. They explore underneath organic litter and climb in gaps and cracks.

2. Remove Water Sources

When it rains, your yard can become the perfect environment for scorpions. Rain can collect on your vegetation and on objects in your yard. But when the rain dries up, it is standing water that creates a problem. Scorpions get a drink from puddles and other water sources. They're also attracted to damp and humid habitats.

3. Remove Rotting Wood

If you have logs, stumps, or trees with heart rot, these can lead to scorpion issues. Remove sources of wood from your property to reduce this attractant. If you have firewood, construction materials, or other wood products, move the wood away from your exterior and elevate it so that it isn't touching the soil.

4. Remove Yard Clutter

Scorpions hide under and inside the objects in your yard. If they find a place to hide near your home, they could accidentally get inside. Remove objects that sit near your home. If you have objects that can't be moved, or you don't want to move them, consider doing routine inspections to check for scorpions or scorpion activity.

5. Seal Entry Points And Access Points

This is the biggest one. While it won't necessarily keep scorpions away, it is the best way to keep them out. You need to seal every gap, crack, and hole in your exterior. Here are a few trouble spots to consider.

  • Inspect your door sweeps and weatherstripping. If there is any damage or any noticeable gaps, replace them. These wear out just like the tires on your vehicle.

  • Inspect the wood frames around your doors. If you have holes or gaps, use a caulking gun to seal them.

  • Inspect all the screens on your home. Make sure there are no holes and that there are no gaps where the screens make contact with your door and window frames.

  • Inspect all your exhaust ducts and make sure they have protective covers.

  • Inspect your weep holes and check to see that your weep holes are protected.

  • Inspect windows and repair damaged window panes, frames, and other issues.

  • Seal gaps around pipes and other foundation penetrations.

  • Create a good seal around interior moisture points, such as the pipe that comes into your kitchen underneath your kitchen sink.

  • Inspect your sole plates and seal any gaps you find.

The Easiest Way To Keep Scorpions Out

An effective pest control plan can manage a wide variety of pests around your Frisco property. Routine applications reduce insect activity, which in turn limits food sources for scorpions. If scorpions are an issue for you, it pays to have quick access to a pest professional who knows your property and your specific pest control needs.

If you live in Frisco, contact Adams Exterminating Company to establish a pest plan for your home. We provide industry-leading pest control options in Frisco and the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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