Dangerous Spiders In Texas: What Every Lewisville Homeowner Needs To Know

It is creepy to find a spider crawling around inside your Lewisville home. But there is nothing creepier than finding a poisonous spider. While all spiders have fangs and venom, there are only two medically important spiders in Texas. They are the black widow and the brown recluse. The more you know about these two spiders, the better. Fortunately, there isn't a lot you need to know. Here is a quick guide for these two dangerous spiders.

Spider Infestation

Of these two spiders, the brown recluse spider is the greatest threat for an infestation. Black widow spiders don't prefer to be inside. Brown recluse, on the other hand, are not only happy to stay in your home, they can create a population of thousands.


Do you think you could pick these spiders out, in a lineup? If not, here are a few visual characteristics to help you.

Black Widow Spiders These are hairless spiders with jet black, shiny exteriors. On the underside of the abdomen, you might see a red hourglass marking. Keep in mind that all black widows do not have this mark. It might have a pair of red dots or no markings at all.

Brown Recluse Spiders A brown recluse spider is a little larger than a quarter. So don't expect to easily see the brown fiddle marking on its back. The images on the internet would have you believe that this mark is large and easy to see because the spider is scaled up in the images. You'll have to look closely to see it face to face.

Dangerous Spiders Are Reclusive

Black widows and brown recluses are equally reclusive. They prefer to be in areas of your home that are secluded. If you see one of these spiders in your home or on your property, take extra precaution when going into locations that might have these spiders.

Some places these spiders hide are:

  • In storage areas and boxes stored in these locations

  • In hollow containers or the voids of stored furniture

  • Under decks, porches, and patios

  • In basements and cellars

  • Within holes, recesses, and alcoves


These spiders tend to hunt for larger prey than other spiders. For this reason, you'll often find their webs low to the ground. Outside of your home, black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders will create webs in ground holes, the gaps in stone walls, in woodpiles, underneath brush, and under exterior structures. Black widows weave strong silk strands into somewhat tangled webs, but those threats aren't placed haphazardly. They work to capture the prey black widow spiders are looking to eat. Brown recluse spider webs are even more tangled, and they have a thin gossamer appearance.


Should you be concerned if one of these spiders bites you? It is wise to take action and seek medical attention, but you can remain calm. The threat is not nearly as great as the myths would have you believe. While certainly unpleasant, you aren't likely to die from a black widow bite, and a bite from a recluse is not likely to create a disfiguring wound. It is best, however, to err on the side of caution and have the bite checked out by your physician.

Bite Prevention

There are several ways you can prevent a bite from a dangerous spider. If you see a black widow or brown recluse spider, use the following tips to prevent bites.

  • Remove the skirts from your beds so these spiders can't climb up onto your bed.

  • Make sure bedding doesn't touch the floor. Like bed skirts, bedding can provide a pathway for these spiders.

  • Make your beds rather than leaving them unmade. These spiders might take advantage of anything that looks like a hole to hide in.

  • Turn your bedding down before you get into bed.

  • Shake shoes, boots, and other footwear before slipping your foot in.

  • Shake towels before drying off, and refrain from leaving the towel on the floor.

  • Shake clothing before wearing.

  • Wear gloves when working in the yard.

  • Use a flashlight and be cautious when getting under structures, such as decks and porches, or when going into storage rooms, attic spaces, and basements.

  • Be cautious when opening boxes that have been in storage.

Spider Control

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