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Dallas is located in North Texas and is the fourth most populated metropolitan area in the country. Dallas is known for its motto of “Big Things Happen Here”, and how could they not? With its eclectic neighborhoods, thriving industries, booming businesses, and prosperous tourist industry; anybody can make anything happen in Dallas. At Adams Exterminating, our professionals want to help make affordable, trustworthy, and effective pest control services happen for you. Dallas may be a big city, but the pest professionals here at Adams Exterminating Company have what it takes to provide tailored pest control solutions to solve any pest problem that pops-up in your Dallas home or business. Contact Adams today to learn more about any of our quality, eco-friendly pest control programs!

Residential Pest Control In Dallas, TX

Protecting your Dallas residential property from pests year-round is easy with the residential pest control solutions from Adams Exterminating Company. Our solutions provide the quality services needed to quickly get rid of current pest problems and protect your home and property from future pest problems throughout the rest of the year. We offer three options to ensure that both your pest control needs and your budget are being met - Perimeter Pest Control, Home Guardian, and Home Guardian +. Our most inclusive home pest control option is our Home Guardian + program includes:

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  • 6 exterior service visits – one every other month

  • Interior service and guarantee

  • Exterior spider web removal

  • Exterior wasp and hornet control (up to 15 ft off the ground)

  • Exterior fire ant control

  • Termite monitoring through the Sentricon® Termite Monitoring System

  • Seasonal mosquito treatment from March through October.

Learn more about any of our residential pest control solutions today!

Tips To Avoid Termites In Dallas, TX

Termites are a serious problem for both home and business owners in Texas, the termites love of feeding on cellulose can cause widespread and costly damages inside of homes and other buildings. The best way to protect your Dallas property from becoming a feeding and breeding ground for termites is to become proactive and put into place a termite control solution from Adams Exterminating Company.

At Adams Exterminating Company, we highly recommend the use of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, the #1 brand in termite protection. After a thorough inspection of your property is completed by one of our termite control experts, will create a tailored treatment plan that meets the needs of your unique Dallas property. If there is an active termite infestation we will treat the areas of activity along with installing Sentricon® with Always Active™. The eco-friendly and highly effective termite bait stations begin working immediately to completely eliminate a current termite infestation; they then remain in place to help prevent future problems with these destructive pests.

Our termite control solutions can be performed on their own or can be bundled together through our Home Guardian Pest and Termite Control Plan in order to provide the most comprehensive protection for your home possible against nuisance, damaging, and highly destructive pests. Contact the Dallas termite control experts at Adams Exterminating Company today to request your free estimate! 

Commercial Pest Control In Dallas, TX

Adams Exterminating Company has the ability to quickly eliminate the pests in your facility that you can see and those lurking behind the walls, underneath the floor, and above the ceiling that you cannot see. To begin, we perform a thorough inspection of your facility.

commercial facility in dallas texas

We then create a commercial treatment solution specific to your industry and your company. Types of businesses and industries we have experience protecting from Dallas pests include:

  • Churches
  • Schools

  • Healthcare office and facilities

  • Retail shops

  • Warehouses

  • Industrial facilities

  • Government buildings

  • And many more

After the inspection and initial treatment of the interior and exterior of your commercial facility, our professionals will return regularly to provide an exterior treatment. Our professionals keep you updated for the entire time we treat your business through our Pestpac mobile service, which allows you to see when the techs serviced your property, where they treated, and what products or materials they used. Contact us today and begin protecting your business, your brand, and your reputation from pests with the help of the pros here at Adams Exterminating Company.

Why Choose Adams Exterminating Company In Dallas, TX

Dallas is a big city with many options, but the only option for pest control should be from the professionals at Adams Exterminating Company. We are a locally owned and operated company and have been since our start in 1947. Our entomologists, friendly office personal, and highly trained and committed service technicians all work together like a well-oiled machine to provide our customers with effective pest control services that meet your budget. Adams Exterminating Company works with our customers to develop a tailored solution to pest problems in the most eco-sound manner possible. Request your FREE home estimate today and start protecting your Dallas, Texas, property from pests with Dallas's best, Adams Exterminating Company!

What Crickets Look Like In Dallas

Most people in Dallas think of crickets as a pest more often heard than seen. They are known for their loud chirping sounds that accompany the other sounds of summer. Still, because they are tiny, nocturnal pests that prefer to remain outdoors, many people have difficulty identifying them. 

Here in Dallas, we see two species of cricket most frequently: camel crickets and house crickets. The camel cricket gets its name from its humpbacked appearance, and they grow to be between one and one and a half inches long. They are brown with some mottled or banded segments on their body. Camel crickets have powerful legs that they use for jumping, and they are one species of cricket that does not chirp. 

The house cricket is the most common cricket found inside homes and is well-known for its distinct chirping noise. House crickets are yellowish brown with three dark bands across their head. They are slightly smaller than camel crickets, growing to a length of ⅞ inches. 

While crickets aren’t dangerous to humans, you still don’t want them hanging around your home. The best way to keep crickets out of your home and off your property is with a pest control plan from us at Adams Exterminating Company that includes cricket control and prevention

Is It Dangerous To Have Centipedes In My Dallas House?

It is easy to be creeped out and scared if you see a centipede in your Dallas home. These arthropods have between 15 and 100 sets of legs and can look like they just crawled straight out of your nightmares. But despite their terrifying appearance, centipedes are a harmless pest, considered more of a nuisance than a danger to people. It is interesting to note that although they are considered a nuisance pest, centipedes are technically venomous, but their jaws lack the strength to bite through skin, and the venom is not strong enough to cause a significant reaction. 

Just because centipedes in Dallas aren’t a threat to people or pets, you don’t want to let them hang around in your home. At Adams Exterminating Company, our home pest control plans include centipede control. We will take the necessary steps to eliminate these creepy-looking and annoying pests from your home and ensure they don’t come back. 

How To Prevent Future Flea Infestations In Your Dallas House

Every pet owner knows what it is like to watch their four-legged friends struggle with fleas. Nothing is worse than watching your furry best friend itch and scratch uncontrollably because of some tiny flea bites, except knowing that these pests are in your home and could also bite you. 

Because of their lifecycle, once a few fleas get in your home, they can be challenging to get rid of. The best option is to prevent fleas in the first place. Here are a few tips that will help you prevent a flea infestation in your Dallas home:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Wash bed sheets consistently
  • Keep grass cut short
  • Eliminate other pests that may care fleas, such as rodents
  • Bathe your pets regularly and use a veterinarian-approved flea prevention treatment
  • Check your pets for fleas after they have been outside, especially in wooded areas or areas with tall grass

Call us immediately if you suspect a flea problem in your home since professional flea control is the quickest and most effective way to eliminate a flea infestation.

One of our expert exterminators will inspect your home for fleas, determine the size and location of your flea problem, and work quickly to eliminate the fleas in your home. We’ll ensure you and your pets can enjoy life without itchy, painful flea bites. 

The Best Mosquito Prevention And Control For You Dallas Yard

Mosquitoes are a pest that no one wants around. They buzz in, seemingly out of nowhere, and ruin even the best outdoor events. Nothing sends a party inside faster than the telltale buzz of mosquitoes and the threat of painful mosquito bites. 

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent mosquitoes around your home. The number one thing you can do is eliminate areas of standing water, which mosquitoes need to breed. Even a half inch of rainwater collected on a tarp or in a bucket is enough to attract mosquitoes to your Dallas yard. 

Along with eliminating areas of standing water, the best thing you can do is partner with us for professional mosquito control. Our seasonal mosquito services run from March to October and feature monthly treatments. We use backpack sprayers to mist your yard, applying a mosquito repellent solution to areas where mosquitoes are most likely to rest during the day. We will also install the In2Care, a trap that attracts female mosquitoes and encourages them to pick up an EPA-approved biological mosquito treatment and spread it to other mosquitoes in both adult and larval form. 

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your time outside. Call us today for mosquito control services you can count on, and let us get you back to enjoying your yard without worrying about mosquito bites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years have you been in business?

We are a family owned, locally operated pest control company that has been in business since 1947. During the past seventy years, our company has expanded its service area while continuing to provide exceptional customer service.

What are your hours?

Our offices in both Lewisville, TX and Denton, TX are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

How do I get started?

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate! Regardless of your pest issue, contact us today to speak with one of our technicians. To make a plan, one of our licensed service technicians will come to your home or business and perform a thorough inspection of your property. Then, we will work with you to come up with a solution that meets your needs.

Do you offer plans or bundles?

Yes, we offer three different plans designed to meet your needs and your budget. Our perimeter, Home Guardian, and Home Guardian Plus are all designed to bundle your pest control treatment into a package that fits your needs. If there isn’t a plan that works for you, don’t worry, we will customize one that fits your unique needs.

Are your services guaranteed?

We pride ourselves in offering services that solve your pest control problems. Many of our treatments are backed with a service guarantee, so if the problem persists, we will be back to treat again at no extra charge. We plan to continue our trend the impeccable service which resulted in an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Do you offer termite control?

Yes, both our Home Guardian and Home Guardian Plus plans offer termite control using the proven Sentricon® System with Always Active™ along with a termite service warranty.

Do you offer pest control to businesses?

Yes, we offer both residential and commercial pest control. We will work with the needs of your business to ensure that pests are not a problem. Furthermore, we understand the State of Texas’s Health and Safety Codes when it comes to pesticide use and pest control.

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