Businesses Most Impacted By German Roaches

When It Comes To Commercial Pests, Few Are As Frustrating As German Cockroaches

They're tiny. They're dirty. And they get into everything. They are also ideally suited to living inside man-made structures. Once German cockroaches get in, there is almost no chance they're going to go away, no matter how much you try to deter them. You can keep everything in your business spotless, put all your stored foods in sealed plastic containers, and remove your trash every night, and still have these roaches plaguing your business. Here are the top businesses that are impacted by German cockroaches, and what makes these businesses so vulnerable. If you own a business that isn't on our list, take a moment to read through this article anyway. You should still be able to glean some useful information.

Food Prep

As you are probably aware, German cockroaches are a problem for restaurants, but you don't have to own a restaurant to have an issue with these dirty pests. They can be a plague for a high school cafeteria, hotel kitchen, college commissary, resort dining area, and any business that has a kitchen. Cockroaches are linked to the spread of more than 33 kinds of bacteria, at least 7 pathogens, 6 parasitic worms, and the spread of asthma-inducing allergens. When they get into a business that prepares food, they are a serious health code violation. If left untreated, these pernicious pests can lead to the complete closure of businesses.

Food Storage

While German cockroaches can create many problems for any storage facility, warehouses, and other businesses that store foods can be seriously impacted by German cockroaches. These insects chew their way through paper and plastic to get into foods. When they do, they contaminate those foods. This can severely damage the reputation of a warehouse and damage the brand of companies that rely on that warehouse.

Temporary Lodging

If you own or operate a hotel, motel, suite, inn, resort, bed, and breakfast, or even a hostel, German cockroaches can be a serious threat. These dirty insects aren't just going to present a health code issue, they can turn 5-star lodgings into 1-star lodgings in this age of instant access to reviews where more and more guests are choosing your business because of how many stars you have, not because they heard about you from a friend. No business that gives lodging to guests for the night can afford the bad press that comes with having German cockroaches.

Permanent Lodging

There are many businesses that fall into this category: apartment complexes, assisted living, retirement homes, condominiums, single family home rentals, dormitories, townhomes, trailer parks, and more. When German cockroaches invade permanent lodging, it can be a real nightmare. All cockroaches have the ability to compact their bodies and squeeze under doors and through tight spaces. German cockroaches also benefit from their tiny size. An immature nymph is even small enough to climb through the holes of an outlet. Good luck keeping these pests from spreading.

Sensitive Environments

From large pharmaceutical plants to small medical practices, German cockroaches are a contamination threat. Their size gives them accessibility to ventilation ducts, wall voids, and other spaces that can lead into areas that must be kept free of bacteria.

Commercial Pest Control

If you own or operate a business here in Lewisville, Denton, or elsewhere in North Texas, reach out to Adams Exterminating Company to customize a comprehensive pest control plan to manage all of the many pest threats that can affect your reputation and your bottom line, including German cockroaches. Adams has been protecting Texas business from pest threats for over 70 years. Our team is highly educated and equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment needed to monitor and eliminate pest threats, even before they develop.

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