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Why Are Silverfish In My Allen Home?

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silverfish in bathroom

Some pests are practically alien-looking. Silverfish are bizarre and unique insects that are also common home invaders. But they look a whole lot more threatening than they actually are, and learning how to prevent infestations around your property will keep you a step ahead of the problems they can cause.

Silverfish: Ugly But Docile

They may be nasty-looking creepy crawlers, with their spikey-looking legs and antennae, but silverfish are far more harmless than they look. They get their name from the often shiny metallic color of their top shells, though some silverfish are tan or just plain gray. They don’t bite people or pets and they aren’t known to carry any diseases, either. Now, just because a pest isn’t dangerous doesn’t mean they are completely harmless. Silverfish will contaminate food sources as they scavenge around properties, and they eat fibrous keratin that’s found in common household items like clothing and furniture. They can cause damage to everyday items and be a pain to eliminate once their populations begin to grow. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how silverfish infestations start, so you can take steps to prevent that from happening. 

How Silverfish Invade Homes

Like most pests, silverfish are typically outdoor creatures. They like areas with abundant moisture and plenty of darkness so they can shield their sensitive eyes from the sun. They are often found within caves or underneath rocks and wood, relishing moist soils and stone. However, just like other pests, silverfish will invade homes and businesses if food, water, or other necessities can be found in abundance. In homes, silverfish are often found in rooms or areas that satisfy the same conditions they like outdoors, typically in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Once they make it indoors, silverfish can thrive in large numbers and become more than just unsightly -- they can be downright disgusting to have to crawl all over the place. So it’s important to take early measures to protect your home from invasion. 

Silverfish Prevention Tips & Tricks 

Now that you know what factors attract silverfish, you can work to address attractants and potential access points. Here are some good steps for any homeowner to take to avoid silverfish and many other pests.

  • Moisture control: The biggest factor in preventing silverfish is making sure that moisture doesn’t pool on the ground or hang in the air around your home. Not only can water damage ruin walls and create openings for pests to crawl through, but poor ventilation and humidity control in certain rooms can also attract silverfish from outside.  
  • Crack sealing: The other factor to address immediately is the potential for cracks or holes in exterior walls that provide tiny bugs with areas to squeeze through. Regularly inspect for and repair any problems. 
  • Food storage: Silverfish like protein-rich and fibrous foods, which can be found in and around your property. Make sure not to leave goods out and frequently inspect areas where animal fibers (like wool, silk or leather) or paper items are stored. 

Contact Adams Exterminating Company Today

You can spend an eternity checking your property for the faintest signs of pests or the things that attract them. Or, you could let the experts do that for you more effectively. At Adams Exterminating Company, our friendly staff knows all the ways silverfish get into homes and what attracts them to certain properties. We’ll not only help you eliminate these factors, but we also offer prevention methods that ward off silverfish and other pests before they can even get close to invading. Give us a call today so we can get started on an inspection of your property and on total pest control right away. 

To keep silverfish and other destructive pests out, turn to Adams Exterminating Company.

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