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Myths Vs. Facts About Brown Recluse Spiders In North Texas

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It is human nature to exaggerate the severity of spiders. Yes, spiders can be dangerous, and yes, generally they should be avoided. But that, by no means, means that everything you may have heard about these 8-legged pests is entirely true. That being said, let’s take a look at and debunk some common brown recluse myths.

Brown recluse kill people.

It’s just put it this way. The chances of dying to a brown recluse bite are lower than the chances of being struck by lightning. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't seek medical attention immediately to minimize the damage the bite does to the skin and flesh around the wound.

It's possible to lose a limb to a brown recluse bite.

Even in the worst cases of brown recluse bites, your limbs will not fall off. By no means, are the necrosis and skin lesions their bites cause enough to rot off your limb. For most recluse victims, a full two-thirds heal can be expected for lesions that don’t become necrotic.

Brown recluse are aggressive and will attack anyone.

Brown recluse are not aggressive unless pressed upon. Unless you directly threaten them, they will not bite. They will hide in cardboard boxes, piles of laundry, wood piles, and other discrete areas around your home and will only bother you if you bother them or the hiding place they are occupying.

You can identify a brown recluse bite by looking at it.

The truth is, the wound that a brown recluse leaves behind could have been caused by a few different things. Unless you saw the brown recluse bite you, or were able to capture the spider to have it tested, there is no certain way to tell by a brown recluse bite that you were bitten by a spider. In fact, several other medical conditions cause nearly identical-looking wounds.

Professional pest control is not effective.

This, out of all the myths, is the furthest from the truth. Spiders are a year-round problem, especially here in Lewisville Texas where the weather never drops low enough to threaten a spider's health. If you want to feel safe from spiders in your own home, let Adams Exterminating help. Our year-round pest prevention plans are designed to keep out not just the brown recluse, but other pests that may want to invade your home as well. Don’t believe the myths, call Adams Exterminating today!

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