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Keeping Harmful Fleas Out During Late Fall

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When most people hear about fleas, the immediate response is to think about people with pets, because pets equal fleas, right? While it is true that pet owners may come into contact and deal with fleas more often than other people, fleas do still affect those without pets, as well.

When it comes to keeping fleas out of your Lewisville home, it is first important to be aware of how they are getting inside in the first place. Often, people fail to realize that not only pet owners need to be on the lookout this fall, and will wonder why they have fleas if no pets are present in their home.
Fleas are capable of jumping about a foot in length and six inches in height, meaning that they have no difficulty leaping onto you or your children’s clothing while you are outdoors, and then leaping off again once you’ve returned to your home. These tiny, blood-sucking insects are not able to survive solely off of humans because we do not have a layer of fur that provides shelter for them. For this reason, fleas are most often brought into homes and properties in Lewisville on the backs of our furry friends or other outside pest animals. For individuals without pets, mice and rats are the most common reason fleas get into homes, due to an unnoticed, underlying rodent problem that may already be present. Another, less well-known way that fleas gain entry to your home is through used furniture that came from an environment where fleas were thriving.
Once inside and with access to a regular blood meal, female fleas will begin to lay eggs, which will often roll off of humans or pets and sit in rugs, furniture, and bedding until those eggs are ready to hatch. Flea eggs hatch anytime between two days and two weeks from when they were laid, depending on the environmental conditions. Warmer conditions of about 70 to 85 degrees typically result in quicker hatch times, meaning you could have about 500 full-grown fleas in your home in a span of about a month—and by that time, each of those adult fleas are capable of laying another 500 eggs. Their quick reproduction time, combined with the fact that they are small, speedy, and hard-to-squish, makes getting rid of fleas incredibly difficult.
Flea saliva creates an intense itching sensation for those who are bitten, and this skin irritation is often worse for pets. Repetitive scratching of affected areas can lead to swelling, hair loss, and even bleeding. Open wounds caused by scratching sometimes become infected, which may lead to other, more serious health concerns. Fleas are also known carriers of the plague, typhus, and tapeworm, which pose health threats when spread to both humans and pets.
No one wants to deal with fleas, and it is even more difficult to deal with them on your own. With Adams Exterminating Company on your side, you never need to face a pest problem by yourself. Professional pest control is always your best option when it comes to fleas and several other pests here in Lewisville, Texas. At Adams, we have the experience and tools to eliminate each and every pest problem you face in your home and on your property. With our residential control programs, you get to choose how much protection your home receives. For more information on all the services we offer, or to request a free estimate, contact Adams Exterminating Company today!

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