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Keeping Flies Out Of Your Holiday Pie In Lewisville

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a house flie on a festive food spread in a lewisville texas kitchen

Nothing reminds us of the holidays more than delicious feasts of turkey or ham all the fixings, but family and friends might not be the only ones attracted to the dinner table.

Flies never really go away here in our area of Texas. Cooler weather and heated homes help lure these creatures indoors, where their constant buzzing and bumbling movements can infuriate even the most patient members of the household. With the holiday traffic in and out of the home, house fly numbers can exponentially increase over the next few months.
And flies aren’t as harmless as you might think. Their gross feeding habits, coupled with a questionable taste in variety, can spread a host of germs and bacteria around the home. Surfaces that flies crawl or nest on can spread cholera, salmonella, and conjunctivitis. Food favorites of flies such as sugar, meat, and fruit can carry similar strains of bacteria if they have been exposed to a feeding frenzy. Without proper protections in place, a high number of house flies can turn what was supposed to be a cheerful holiday dinner into a nightmarish surprise.

Fending Off Flies With Preventative Measures

No matter how much work you do, flies can still make their way into your home one way or another. Whether they skirt through a window, slide under a door, or drift in with guests, there’s no way to completely occlude these pests from your property. In order to help cut down on their numbers, follow these simple tips:

  • Keep fruits and vegetables, bread, and condiments in the refrigerator. This will prevent flies from getting a whiff of ‘the good stuff.’ 
  • Meats and sugary foods should only be left out for defrosting or preparing meals. Longer sit times mean more potential fly attention. 
  • Take the trash out frequently, especially if fatty or sugary scraps have recently been tossed. More smells equals more flies.

If house flies manage to skirt past your defenses and become a nuisance in your home, sticky tape and fly traps may be effective options that fit your budget. However, these items are unseemly in homes and will not be as effective as professional treatments.

Have Happy Holidays with Adams Exterminating Company

Flies are aggravating household pests that can sour your holiday foods and festivities. While some DIY treatments exist, let's be honest: nobody wants fly strips and electric swatters around the holiday feasting. If you’re ready to get rid of house flies or other cold-weather pests in the most reliable and effective way possible, contact the professionals at Adams Exterminating Company now.

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