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Silverfish In Allen: What Every Resident Should Know

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silverfish on a white surface

Pests are often aggravating and ugly, so people don’t want to deal with them in any sense. This includes having to read about and research them. However, it’s necessary to study. You can’t defeat insects and creatures if you don’t know much about their habits. Many details are spread by word of mouth or other means for those that plague the Allen area. Information is more obscure with the lesser-known critters like silverfish.

Many have no idea how to manage silverfish. It’s not precisely clear to folks what compels them to violate dwellings, how they get indoors, and what their hazards are. That said, being able to create a successful deterrence plan is difficult. Learn key facts about these pests and how Adams Exterminating Company can intervene.

How Do Silverfish Function? What Are the Risks?

Silverfish are odd-looking creatures. Their 0.75 of an inch long bodies are carrot-shaped and covered in metallic skin. Coming in a variety of colors, they can be white, brownish-gray, or blue-silver. While two antennas are at their crown, three extensive appendages sit in the back of their frames. They run around on six legs. 

Silverfish will crawl past holes in doors, windows, and foundations to penetrate a home or business. Dark zones with dampness and humidity are where they will hide. You’re likely to see them in these kinds of spaces:

  • Boxes
  • Storage containers
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms

One of the biggest problems with silverfish is that they can damage belongings. Paper materials, fabrics, and carbohydrates tend to be their focus. For instance, documents, books, and magazines are usually targeted. Upholstered furniture, clothing, and linens will undoubtedly be on their radar. Regarding food, these pests go after grains, sugars, starches, and cereals primarily. It’s important to remember that just about anything could be a target, however. Silverfish also munch on cellulose shampoo, glue, and wallpaper.

Since silverfish are nocturnal, you probably won’t catch them nibbling away on items or will have an opportunity to kill them. The only overt infestation sign you’ll encounter is fecal matter on surfaces. Their waste is quite peppery. You can’t rely on finding evidence of their wreckage because it’s tough to tell if they caused it. For all you know, some other pest or incident made the hole in your favorite shirt. Avoid touching them directly; doing so may result in an allergic reaction or skin irritation. Another issue with silverfish is that they draw fellow bugs, such as carpet beetles.

How Can Silverfish Be Prevented?

Preventative measures for silverfish must be maintained. The critters aren’t a threat to humans or domestic animals, but they can be ruinous. To discourage their intrusions, here’s what you’ll need to do specifically: 

  • Put wet laundry in the dryer as soon as possible. 
  • Have moisture glitches and leaks fixed right away.
  • Keep your crawlspace vents open at all times. 
  • Regulate interior warmth by using a dehumidifier.
  • Patch up gaps in baseboards, windows, doors, and foundations. 
  • Scan packages, storage items, and boxes before using them. 
  • Remove garbage and wash your dishes regularly. 
  • Use airtight containers for food and trash storage.  
  • Reduce clutter. 

What Can Adams Exterminating Company Do About Silverfish?

The downside to commercial pesticides is that they’re designed for temporary utilization. You can’t fight a silverfish infestation with an inadequate product that could also be toxic. We at Adams Exterminating Company have industrial-grade home pest control treatments that are safe. No humans, pets, or vegetation will be harmed by our interior and exterior solutions. You can rest assured that the solutions will garner long-term outcomes as well. We’ve helped countless property owners in our over 70 years of operation. You could be next. Call for a free estimate today!

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