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Rodent-Proofing: A How-To Guide

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In our service area of Lewisville, Denton, and throughout Northern Texas, we see lots of rodent issues. Mice nibble through window frames, rats chew holes in exterior walls, and rodents gnaw their way into eaves and soffits. When they get inside, they make nests from the basement to the attic, make holes in walls, make holes in food packaging, contaminate food and food prep surfaces, and drop ticks, fleas, and mites as they explore. Protecting a home from all of these pests begins with rodent-proofing.

If you were to successfully capture every rodent in your home, destroy every flea, and kill every tick, what would next week look like? Would you be pest-free? Of course not. More rodents are going to get in, and all your hard work would be for nothing. Try these things to seal those rodents out:

  • Do a detailed inspection of your foundation walls. Look for any holes, especially around conduit, pipes, windows, and doors. If you see holes, fix them or seal them temporarily by using a caulking gun.
  • Do a detailed inspection of your exterior walls. Again, you're going to want to look around windows and doors. These are particularly vulnerable to rodents. But, generally, you're looking for holes anywhere. When you find them, seal them.
  • Get a tall ladder and check your eaves, soffits, roofline, and roof, for entry points. Seal those holes up and address any circumstances that are allowing rodents to access your roof. Cut back tree limbs, fill downspouts with a mesh wire, and consider installing exclusion spikes to any wires that attach to nearby poles.

Once these rodent-proofing measures have been taken, your home should be sealed. But there are two more steps. You're going to want to do a routine inspection to see if any new holes are being created. If so, those vulnerable areas are going to have to be fortified. You're also going to have to address any pests that remain inside your home. If you have mice and fleas, you're going to have to do two different pest control processes to deal with each of them.

If you need assistance removing and excluding mice and rats from your North Texas home, or you'd like ongoing pest control that will work to keep your home rodent-free (and free of the secondary pests they bring in) contact Adams Exterminating Company. Extermination is only one of the many ways we protect Texas homes and businesses from the harmful influence of bugs and rodents. Let us help you break the cycle of infestation today.

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